New update causing iTunes Airplay Issues

Same problem since FW Update.
I’m on Mac 10.14.6, iTunes 12.9

Airplay with iPhone works fine.

Just borrowed my son’s Apple mac - iTunes using AirPlay is exactly the same as the PC.

MacOS Catalina version: 10.15.7 (19H1323) iTunes version:

So working on an iPhone (well a 2nd gen SE ) but not on Mac or PC.

This issue has been fixed, and we’re still testing the firmware.
And many users feedback for the group volume adjustment problem, we want to solve the problem and release together.
Maybe you want to install this version manually first?

Would you like to try.

I would like to install manually. How do I do so?

please download firmware here:
And can upgrade firmware in web management page or use the tool:

What is the process for upgrading. What application does the tool need. I doubled click and its looking for an app to open.

download the zip file and extract, then in the UpgradeTool, input the IP address of device and click connect, it should prompt with connected. And then select the extracted file, and then click upgrade and wait it finish.

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Got it. Upgrading now. Will test.


It works again with Roon (Airplay, wired network). Thanx !

Got it - yes it works again with Roon - no stuttering. I had to remove the excess characters from the name of teh exe file to get it to run, but otherwise no problem.

Many thanks !

Back in business!!! Works great!!!

Great! Installed (simply via the web interface without tools) on two S10 as well as on two S50Pro+ and AirPlay works flawlessly again! This shows me that I bet on the right horse with Arylic. Many thanks to the team! 1 x “Dark Side of the Moon” as FLAC I have already listened flawlessly. The weekend can come :slight_smile: Greetings and have a nice one, too!


Thanks for the quick update - all working now.

Just done the update, nice and simple and AirPlay from iTunes on PC working again. Cheers!


I just updated my Boards to the brand new firmware, but the AirPlay problem still exists.


Hi @Joerg

Welcome to the forum. Plenty of nice people to help here :slight_smile:

Can you post more information e.g.
SOURCE - e.g. Music Service, Internet Radio etc.
SINK - Output Device e.g. Arylic S50, MINI, PRO AMP etc.
CONTROL POINT - e.g. 4STREAM App on iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Another app ? etc.

Kind Regards


Hi Kevin,

its exactly the bug described above. I have several Up2Stream Pro V3 and iTunes on a MacBook as the source. The music plays for a second or two and than another second or two silence. I‘m using the current 4Stream app on iOS, but it is not involved at all. I‘m using the firmware published yesterday.

Kind regards,

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Hi Joerg, Please check the firmware version, current released 4.6.328252 have this issue. There’s a template solution, could have a try.

New update causing iTunes Airplay Issues - DIY Products&Projects / DIY Product Questions - Arylic Forum

Hi Frank,

I have release 4.6.328252.29 installed. A few weeks ago you wrote that you fixed the AirPlay bug and the next release should contain the fix. Therefore the first thing I tried with the new release was AirPlay, but it still did not work. Beside multi-room Spotify and internet radio, multi-room AirPlay was the main reason to buy 5 Up2Stream devices. So I will wait for the next release and hope the best. :wink:

Cheers, Joerg