Multiroom audio volume issue

I have an Up2Stream mini and an Up2Stream Amp v4.
Whenever I group the 2 together, with the mini as the master, then the mini will go full volume, even if it’s set to minimum. The volume sliders have no real effect, unless I slide it to zero, and the sound stops.
The amp V4 works fine, with the group and individual unit volume slider working as expected.

If I ungroup them, then each volume slider works as expected.

This is the amp v4

This is the mini

Anyone had any experience like this?

Interesting … I have experienced the same.

In my case I grouped 2x Up2Stream Mini with a S10, the S10 being the Master.
What happened was that the volume on the Mini’s started moving up to max volume, without me getting any control. When I tried to manually slide them back, it started going up to max volume again.

I also had a device connected to the AUX IN of the S10, when I disconnected that device form the AUX IN, the problem was over.

Hmm, not really the same. This is either 0 volume, when the slider is at 0%, or max volume when the slider is anything over that.

Ah, so you have max volume, with the slider at 0% ?

No, zero volume at 0% and max volume anything above 0%

Ok, so:

  • 0 volume at 0% with the volume slider.
  • And maximum volume at any setting with the volume slider above 0%

This I haven seen yet.
Please have a look at this thread, and see if the suggestion there helps you:

I do have issues (again) with the volume settings not responding when pressing the physical volume buttons on my smartphone.

Hi Frank, do you recognize these issues?

I guess Simon might connected an external DAC for the MINI board, if so, the volume would behave just like this. It’s a known hardware failure for Mini V3, we’ve fixed it in next batch boards, it’s labeled as mini v4 on silkprint, although the SKU of item is still V3.

Yes, I have an external DAC.
So can I ship back my 2 minis for a refund, or free upgrade?


I also use the ESS Sabre DAC boards for my 7 (seven!) MiniV3.

Do you know if there are more bugs in the older MiniV3 boards, you or Rakoit have fixed now?

I attached a photo from 2 of my 7 boards (all ordered at once).

Can I “ whatsapp“ the Arylic support for a return/exchange?

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The issue is the I2S output volume of master device is always max, and if that affects, please request for a exchange, it would be OK. But I’m not sure if the warehouse could distinguish them… please remind for MINI V4 while you contacting.



It seems like I have to buy new mini V4 boards. :confused:

Frank, can you please enlighten the support about the faulty MiniV3 boards?

Hi @Simon_Gie and @Master_Chief_87 , this is Joy.
I will follow up your case.

I already send a mail to you, I will help you exchange the products by the mail guide :wink:

If other one also meet the same problem, feel free to contact us by

We will help you switch to the new device.

Thank you, Joy. I have received your email and replied.

Hi Joy,

I’ve also answered to you. :innocent:

Thank you very much. I hope the exchange will be flawless.

Greetings from Germany