Multiple Up2Stream Amps (set in Mono) to bi-amp a stereo set (4 amps)

Been using the Up2Stream Amp v4 for a while now and I’m well aware of the option to set jumpers to MONO. Fortunately I do not need L and R to be wireless between each other, but I know for sure I do not want to rely on WiFi to communicate between amps and/or channels.

How could I go about this? Ideally, I’d like to setup 4 amps: - Left with HighPass + Left with LowPass + Right HighPass + Right LowPass. But I’m sure it’d be a similar setup if I just went with 2 mono amps for L & R. But, again, I don’t want to rely on the app or wifi (due to latency concerns).

im a little confused by the way this was worded. Im going to assume you are wanting to run your amps bridged in mono to get more power on a 4 ohm or 2 ohm load. This would require two amps to do your highs and lows on your left and 2 amps to do your highs and lows on the right. To cascade and change the amp parameters you will need acp workbench. And then you can connect them together through the spdif. Frank explained this to me awhile back. Havent done it yet though. Here is Franks explanation:


Aug '21

Great idea for digital crossover :slight_smile: .

“For hardware connection, you can configure SPDIF of AMP2.1 as output, and connect GND and SPDIF to AMP4, and plug out the wifi module of AMP4 as it’s not used anymore, and change input mode to SPDIF IN, so it should work as you expected”.

I was going to use a 2.1 and amp4 but it should be the same if using all mono amps. I ended up doing something different with those amps but makes sense to me. Your second amp will just take input from the spdif out of the first amp. You will just need to use ACP workbench to change the second amps spdif to be and input.

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I also had a situation where I wanted to link two Amps as left and right channel without WiFi and tried it via a Toslink/SPDIF bridge. It is possible, but there is just too much delay between left and right. It just sounds like an echo. I guess the master-amps speaker-output might be in sync with its toslinc out, but the slaves DSP also needs time to process the signal after it gets it from the master. So it will always be some milliseconds behind. I’d suggest to use all 4 AmpV4 just for amplification with EQ/digi crossover and connect them to another 5th module like the Up2Stream mini or pro as an stereo preamp. This way they should start processing the signal in sync


Yep. That’s precisely what I meant @Jzad

I’ll have to give it a go. I already have several boards, several spdif boards as well as ACPWorkbench. So I’ll be sure to try this out and come back with my findings when I have them.

@Black good call/suggestion using a 5th unit strictly as a preamp. I’ll give this option a go as well.

All in all, I do think my best bet may be just using two mono amps (L and R respectively). That should produce enough power for my needs and will certainly reduce the possibility of something going wrong or introducing some additional lag between more than 2 amps.

I do need to keep an SPDIF-IN available to use as as source, but as a proof of concept, it’s still interesting using that port to communicate one board to the other. I just thought there might be some built-in option using the USB or RJ45 port or something; like daisy chaining multiple amps…

Anyhow, great recommendations. I’ll give this a go.