IR volume crontrol for grouped devices

Using the IR remote, I am unable to adjust the volume of a device in a group.

IR to Master

  • Play / Pause / Next / Prev :+1:
  • Volume Control (+/-) :+1:
  • Mute :+1:

IR to Slave

  • Play / Pause / Next / Prev :+1:
  • Volume Control (+/-) :x:
  • Mute :+1:

@mclarkdev Matt,

You are definitely opening a can of worms here :joy:

Rhetorical Question coming. How should it work ? I am not sure :slight_smile:

Never tried doing anything like that but I do have questions about your Slave Tests.

  1. Play/Pause/Next/Prev - are you saying this works with the “Master/Group Source” ?
  2. Understood - no Volume Control from IR.
  3. Mute - just Slave or Master & Slave ?

Regards, Kevin

I am working to build the ultimate smart home experience :slight_smile:

  1. IR control to the client, Playback control properly controls the playback of the whole group, as expected :+1:
  2. IR control to the master, controls the volume of the master :+1:; IR control to the slave, has indication beeps however no volume adjustment is made to any device, i would expect IR to slave to adjust volume of slave :x:
  3. IR control to the master, mutes the master; IT control to the slave, mutes the slave, as expected :+1:

I definitely have a knack for finding small bugs, but I am absolutely loving playing with this system so far! Don’t let these posts say otherwise <3

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I need to get my head around the multiroom thing for this project:

I need to go back through the command sets (HTTPAPI, TCP/IP, UART, DLNA/UPNP) and it seems BLE is a new one too :slightly_smiling_face: and with the help of Arylic figure out all the Master <> Slave Stuff. It’s definitely on other side (The MCU with a TCP/IP Service) but how it is presented to the various command sets needs some work to figure out. Also worth checking out Linkplay Modules - Wi-Fi 2 — Linkplay Technology. The A31 is the board used for a lot of the Arylic Products.

The Linkplay detailed documentation is poor (it’s more of an OEM thing IMHO). Arylic are very open, progressive & customer orientated. However there are limitations of what they can do with the A31 module - some functionality and peculiarities will always be dictated to some extent by Linkplay.

So I think the multiroom Master <> Slave Stuff was/is/could be a Linkplay thing. Just wanted to warn you if you weren’t aware.

Enjoy playing, the devices sound great for the money and offer plenty of functionality to boot :slight_smile: Keep going with the observations, questions etc. etc. :clap:

Kind Regards, Kevin