HTTP API Question


I’m using the HTTP API to control my Arylic system.
I’m following the documentation here:

I see that I can trigger the playing of music on the local USB drive or with an URI. Is there a way to trigger the playing of music from services like Spotify and iHeart?

Also, can you provide an example to trigger the playing from an URL as it doesn’t seem to work if I do something like this:“”

Thank you.


-Greg Pulier

Actually got the url working (removed the quotes).
Still wondering about triggering Spotify or iHeart, etc… through the API’s if anyone knows.


@greg interesting stuff. Would like to look into it too but time is short at the moment. Pretty sure there will be a way :slight_smile:

We’ve add an API to send playlist with M3U link, but no API for specific music service like spotify or iheart.

A related question to the mentioned PDF from above:

@zpl1025 Are you at Arylic aware of constantly updating and publishing this documentation?
I use it for an iOS app, too. And I would like to be sure that I’m using the latest API documentation instead of an outdated one.

Btw: For all of you are interested in, I’m currently porting this documentation to Markdown, and I will publish it on GitHub, in the near future. If you are interested in, please ping me.

The document is actually very old and did not update for a while. But anyway the API is stable also in the past, we just added new API recently for better handling the playlist. And will update it later, and now the major job is to release the firmware first :slight_smile:
Good job, please consider to let me create the repo and join in to contribute, so it would look more official :rofl:

I’ve added this repo GitHub - arylic/apidoc: API document to control Arylic devices, please help to contribute to it. I’ll add some more documents for the TCP/UPNP commands.

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@zpl1025 Well, I started a thing using slate. It is not complete yet, but it looks quite promising. :smiley:
You may have a look here:

I will ping you again when its done from my side. We can then chat about to handover that documentation.
I could imagine finding this documentation (when it’s done) under:

What do you think? :smiley:

Btw: I would like to recommend that you (aka Arylic) create a subdomain for all developer related stuff. It’s common practice to do that. Posting documentations on various places here in the forum is not very practical. A place like for the entire tinker community would be awesome! :sunglasses:

Wow, the document looks so nice, more convinient than the old PDF, great job.

It’s a good idea for the, but I’m concerning we currently have not too much documents. And for now I prefer to create a board in forum for developping topics. It’s a community for people to discuss and share, that’s more important. And use the to host the docuements only.

And I need to check with Linkplay if we can publish their APIs officially. It’s no problem for individuals.

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Having just for hosting all the documents would be a good start. As a landing page a plain linked list could be enough, imho. :smiley:

@zpl1025 @phranck Hi Guys,

I am just looking to see that these two links ( , no longer exist. Has the content moved elsewhere?


Hi, the link is

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Oh indeed, it was typed up above and i was scared that the information was no longer available. Are the firmware (possibly changelogs) available somewhere?

we currently just summerised the major changes when release firmware, and which have been posted in forum, and did not write down all changes for each model yet.


FYI I’ll engage on an update soon and will obviously need input from Arylic @zpl1025

Kind Regards, Kevin

Is there a way to see what local music shares exist, and then star querying one to find songs and play music?