http-api access to NAS

Hi all,
inside my home automation I will control several amp’s (Up2stream2.1) via httpapi. Also playing Music from NAS (QNAP).
By using the 4stream app everything works well => so there it is no general problem - also by using the upnp server on NAS.
The most httpapi commands works also well, e.g. sound control.
Now I will control the played music from NAS also via httpapi (fixed IP).
The folder structure on NAS looks like (example): /media/music/mymusic/B/Beatles/Help/01 - Beatles - Help.mp3
How looks the httpapi command to play this song? Everything I tried won’t work:
By sending commands like this I get back a “OK”, but nothing plays - Beatles - Help.mp3 - Beatles - Help.mp3 - Beatles - Help.mp3

I will play:

  • a special song
  • complete album => all files inside a folder
  • playlist (with links to different folder’s)
  • a notification(overlayed) sound

maybe this ticket looks slightly similar to doorbell
At this moment I believe there’s a bug in the path/access description and/or configuration of the upnp server.

Have anybody a detailed solution?
Best case: a detailed / corrected example of the command above

thanks a lot


I have problem play songs from Kodi upnp server,just skips the songs to the end of folder and nothing play,on Wiim forum we find the problem with empty space in songs and some dot in the end in address but Wiim solve the problem with new firmware (upnp fix) but now i can’t use Kodi server with Arylic devices because hardly that we will have firmware update with fix because a31 boards are abounded and old, people also complain about use Bubbleupnp app with Linkplay device(mime type error) bug.

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