Hi All,
I will be REALLY happy if I can get this funcitonality working.
I understand it only works via network or usb playback mode, and only in firmware 4.6.415145 and later; I am working within those constraints.

Using python 3, when I run:
response = requests.get(‘’)

  1. The audio file does not play from the player (Using Spotify or usb)
  2. I get a 200 return code
  3. The text response (response.txt) is “Failed”

Any thoughts?

I have also tried:
response = requests.get(‘’)


Have you tried to use an mp3 file instead the wav?

Rgds Uwe

I tried that on your recommendation, same response as for .wav files.

FWIW, I can access the audio file from a public web browser without problems

I see. Give me some time, I try something I have on my mind.

Rgds, Uwe

I tried it too. Feedback is “OK”, but no sound. If I spell the link wrong, feedback is “FAILURE”. If I type it correct, feedback is “OK”, but no sound.

I tried it also without the port #, you used.

Sorry, no more ideas.

Well, why don’t you store your message on that external webserver? :smile:

If it sounds stupid but works, it’s no longer stupid! :rofl:

Thanks for trying; I am hoping one of the devs chimes in here, as I am uncrertain if anybody has successfully used this funtionality yet.

To be honest - I doubt it.

Hi, did you solve the issue? I did not see any abnormal in your API requests, it should work. And I also tried it on my device, it works fine with browser/python/curl.
And btw, another point, this API does not support to play https links, it will say OK, but won’t play it.

And I’ve also tried a not existing command, it will reply unknown command
I’ve tried to play a not existing file, it will reply Failed, this should be your case.
Maybe could try to play the link directly with this API, and see if it works.

Wow! I really appreciate you checking in! I’ve been at a standstill with this since the time of my post. I’ve screwed around with it a little more, but no dice. I have a very kludgy workaround, but I prefer not to use it.

If I may ask, does your implementation work with pretty much any .wav or.MP3 file you throw at it?

I’m super excited I figure it out is shell script for an apple script to translate text commands into system speech, then save them as an audio file. Also, I would like a doorbell again. Any pointers or tips very much appreciated!

seems the API playPromptUrl does not support wav file, but the setPlayerCmd:play does support…
You could convert it to mp3 and check.

This is important intel for me! I’m 100% certain I tested it with MP3 files that I could otherwise play in VLC player or whatever, but that constraint is a good one to know. I kind of assumed it would play uncompressed better than compressed, but I am far from an audio software engineer, so what do I know :slightly_smiling_face:

I will try it again, maybe it was entirely user error