how to start?

Hello everyone.
I own a hi-fi stereo system (turntable-roksan radius, cd player-marantz, pre-power amplifier-acurus, pair of speakers-impulse lali) and I want to add a pair of passive speakers in another room to hear simultaneously the music from my stereo in both rooms. I want to use the wi-fi network to do it. What equipment should I need and how do I arrange it? I suppose that I will need a component attached to my preamp in order to transmit the wi-fi signal to another component attached to the speakers in the other room. I just cannot figure out which components to buy.
Please help me on this!

Hi @piki.

Welcome to the Forum where you will find many helpful and friendly people (and also technically competent :slight_smile: )

Check out this Post Multiroom Audio in Spanish Villa

Let’s Start with the Main System:
I would recommend the PRO DIY Board (equipped with WiFi & Wired LAN Port. The MINI is WiFi only. For me the cost difference is negligible and unless you are limited with size I Would suggest the PRO and if you have an Ethernet Switch/Router close by I would also recommend Wired Ethernet (if possible).

Moving on to the passive speakers in another room
I would recommend the UPSTREAM2 AMP V4 DIY Board. I would also recommend Wired Ethernet (if possible), however it will work also purely on WiFi.

Regarding Architecture
These products communicate on TCP/IP Network via your Home Router. No Additional HUB (e.g. Sonos) is required :slight_smile: So the beauty of the Design is it doesn’t matter if you have 1,2,3… etc. devices the comms will take place through your existing router.

Hope this helps


Thank you for the prompt reply.
I looked up the “spanish villa” and helped me a lot.
So, I consider using one S10 (it has both WiFi and LAN port) connected to my preamplifier via “jack 3.5 mm to rca”. I own a small amplifier which is strong enough to drive the speakers in the other room. So I am thinking to add another S10 connected again via “jack 3.5 mm to rca” to the second amplifier. I imagine it like this:

If you think that the archtecture is OK please let me know so I will purchase 2xS10.
Thanks for your help.


Nice Diagram. FYI. There is a small mistake in the bottom right hand corner Aux IN instead of OUT :slight_smile:

Yes for me that works Functionally. You can of course start with WiFi in Room 2 and if not providing reliable operation upgrade to Powerline Solution.

Acoustically I cannot comment as I have never used the S10 Device and an not familiar with the DAC in this unit. However I haven’t come across a bad sounding DAC in the the Pre Amp Range of products yet S50+, PRO, MINI yet.

Hope this helps, Kevin

Thank you for your advice. I would like to use my stereo as a line in to S10 in the 1st room [I will use a line out of the preamp to S10. So the speakers will be driven by the power amplifier]. This is why I put the Aux IN. I suppose that in this way whatever my stereo is playing, the S10 in the 1st room will send the sound to the S10 in the second room. Do you think this OK?

Never tried this scenario but easy to check with my existing Hardware.

I am understanding correctly the S10 in Room 1 is NOT USED AT ALL FOR AUDIO OUTPUT. Just to provide a Master for Audio in Room 2.

I think we need to have the discussion about the full list of sources that you want to listen to ? I am not so sure that Arylic Products is the best solution for you !!!

So Explain:-

  • Room 1 - What Music Sources do you want ?
  • Room 2 - Do you want a sperate Music Source (e.g. Internet Radio) or just Slave Audio from Room 1.

Hope this is clear, Kevin

In Room 1 the stereo system will play the music from the cd player, and the fm radio stations via the pre-power amplifier. So the S10 will intake the audio from the preamplifier, via the Aux In port and send it via wi-fi to the other S10 in Room 2, which will receive the signal and will play as a slave audio. That’s the primary goal.
Now in case I want to stream “Spotify” from my phone to both S10, I suppose I will need a cable to connect the Aux Out of S10 in Room 1 to the preamplifier. Do you agree that this is a feasible arrangement?

Ok it’s clear now.
Yes from my understanding that should work fine.
Just let me double check an aux in streaming to slave. Never done this :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello again Kevin,
Things are looking like this now:

I can adjust both S10 via the “4Stream” app. I can order them to play internet radio individually but not simultaneously. Also, I cannot manage to “send” the audio from the preamplifier/firstS10 to the second S10. In the app there is a “synchronize” option but every time I choose it, it doesn’t do anything. And there is no synchronization. I haven’t managed yet to stream music from my main stereo to the second S10.
Can you please think for a possible solution to this problem?

Hi Konstantinos,

Yes I can see a clear problem there. Maybe a modified drawing will help the explanation.

GREEN - Internet Radio on 4STREAM. Will need 2 x AUX OUT for synchronised sound

BROWN - FM Radio on PreAmp . NOT SURE but could be possible if S10 connected to PREAMP is Master, Input Source AUX IN, S10 PowerAmp = Multiroom Slave (All Multiroom Comms is I believe TCP/IP so S10 LAN >> Router >> S10 LAN). I have TESTED this type of scenario so not a STRONG recommendation. Give it a go.

Hope this helps, Kevin

P.S. Not sure the BROWN side will work however just noticed if this does work then it can work with whichever input is selected on the Pre Amp, e.g. FM, CD, Vinyl. I’ll try in parallel with an S50+ but won’t be before Xmas :santa: