How do I upgrade firmware on the B50?

I absolutely love the B50 and want to dig deeper into it. I see that the app says which firmware version is installed but I can’t find how to update it. Do I need ACPWorkbench for that? Do I need a special cable to connect ACPWorkbench to the amp? I’m not used to getting into my amps at this level so bear with me. Any other related advice greatly appreciated.

Hi Victor and welcome to the forum.

I don’t own a B50, but with the other Arylic products firmware updates usually show up on the app when they become available and they show instructions on how to install. They call it OTA (over the air) update.

A USB cable would be required to connect the B50 to your computer that has the ACPWORKBENCH.

You could refer to this post:

Support team, is there a release note for the new firmware?
I want to see if upgrading the firmware will fix my volume issue. If i turn the volume higher than 65% the system clips and all the led lights blink. I use the B50 in ARC mode most of the time.

Hi, all the LED blinks in normal using, that means the AMP chipset got too hot and enter protection. I don’t think it could be solved by software, maybe you could request for a replacement if the problem bothered you.

I don’t believe its a heat issue. This happens as soon as you start the system so there is no time for it to have warmed up.
How do I get a replacement unit if it is defective?

Where do you find the new firmware? Can’t seem to locate it on the website.

Has anyone gotten information on how to obtain the latest firmware for the B50?

I’ve asked too. Not gotten anything back. If there isn’t any updates yet that would be good to know also. And of course where to look when an update is available.

We’re working on a new APP version, and also the firmware update. Some known improvements:
browse the files on USB
custom EQ adjustment
add a switch to set different gain for MM and MC
add a switch to control device standby following CEC over TV
add a volume step in settings
etc, etc.

And when ready, we should announce it here or on Arylic web site. You could use the B50 with joy, and if encountered any issue or any ideas, could discuss it here.

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That sounds great! Thank you for the heads up! :grinning:

Attempting firmware update. FAT format, file in directory as specified but FW version in app isn’t changing even though when initiating FW update (both in app or on jog wheel) all lights show and amp reboots. Any ideas?

Any news about the new app version and firmware update?

we’re doing testing and solve some issues, should be rolled out soon.

I hope it solves the issues related with ARC. :slight_smile: