Higher gain on optical in on S50Pro+

Hello i have the S50 Pro+ and i would like to know if there is any way to raise the gain on the optical inputs because i think they are very low.
I have a pair of Denons Poa 4400A monoblocks an i have to cranck the volume all the way up to get them to play loud.
My old digital preamp didnt have this problem about 50% volume and they where as loud as hell but with the S50 Pro+ i have to go to like 95% to just get the same loud volume?

No one can help?

Hi I don’t have this preamp, but I had a similar PB with another evaluation board based on the same components (Linkplay A31 & digital chips), but firmware 3.XX and I had to play with the volume control of the board to randomely get the appropriate output level. I guess you tried this too… mute unmute and adjust volume level…? Do you have the latest firmware version? Using the Optical input eliminates the input level setting problems on the preamp side bu definition, unless you can control it on the source.


oups another hint may be… it seems there are problems with volume control with the firmware 4.6.415145.35
see Volume control issue.
For compatibility reasons with other devices form other brands I also have based on Linkplay31, I blocked all my units to a much earlier firmware version, so I can not testify… But worth trying on your side what the fellows of the other post did i.e. reset to factory settings via the app. Even if this only temporarily fixes the issue, then you would confirm the PB with the 4.6 415145.35 version…

it’s me again, look at the answer Volume control issue - #22 by zpl1025 sent by the moderator of Arylic, there really is an issue with thisnew version. You can try updating with his recommended alpha version. link in his reply, impossble to copy/paste nor wrtie in reply… see private message…

Hi Henning, the issue would be that the optical output level of the source device is not 0dB. And it might be -10dB. And for the receiver S50PRO, it does not have extra gain for the optical input, so the final output level would be low. I don’t know exactly which industry standard, but it would be the reason.
And the S50PRO+ should support to set pregain for each input, but you need the ACP tool and which is not free. I’m not sure if this is a sloution.