Firmware Upgrade 4.6.337862

Nice. But the actual image is too big to fit on the screen!
It needs to be smaller to fit the browser display.

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Nice! I would love a way to sync up the PC/web interface with my iTunes library, PC Music collection as any sort of AirPlay is choppy and playing via USB drive doesn’t allow me to find songs by artist/name/album.

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I’d love it if the power button on the A50 remote put it into standby rather than completely turning it off. Pressing the power button currently disconnects it from the wifi, so takes a long time to reconnect again. Thanks, Chris


This looks great!
One request @Joy that I don’t see in the fixes: Streaming from an Icecast radio station via Tunein or vTuner the metadata and album cover art stays fixed as when the stream began rather than dynamically updating.

Look forward to trying this out

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My up2stream v4 shipped on the 3 December will it have the new firmware installed.

And thank you for the new updates keep them coming.

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Strangely, after this firmware update my Bluetooth on the S50+ Pro no longer works. I can connect to it, but when playing through the device it won’t produce sound. Which is odd because the Airplay still works fine over the network.

Any thoughts as to why the Bluetooth would suddenly stop working?

The player is sync to 4stream App and your device.
So you can play a song on 4stream App first and control.

The preset content is follow your settings in 4stream App.
The radio station will save automatically once you set.

Yes, they sync the settings.

Where do you play the songs?

Yes, it will update automatically after you setup with WiFi.

I understand. Then according to them, the web interface does not trigger the use of the application, although it would be much more practical than opening the app, waiting for it to open the appropriate directory, searching for the desired program, or even editing the preset through the web interface from PC.
If the contents of the radio url field cannot be saved, why do I need more empty url fields? it won’t recharge anyway, one field is enough to overwrite it with each radio change. Anyway, it would be better to manage the urls of my favorite radios here and not use an external playlist - I am opening a txt from notepad, which contains the links I need, this would be better done within the web interface.

Hi there, very welcome development but I am having a couple of issues.

  1. It does not seem to be possible to type your login password with Safari. Chrome is fine.
  2. Airplay is a lot better but still very choppy. My system is all wired so not a wifi issue.
    Many thanks for the continued developments.

Hi Joy
On Spotify amazon and music in my computer hard drive

I like the new features, but how do I browse my local music collections. ?



A bit strange, we just pushed the updates for the wifi module only, it should have no connection with the bluetooth part. They work in parallele actually. Can try to recycle the power of device and see if it recovered.

currently, the radio links will be saved in browser cache. And we’re trying to make an online version, so user can edit and upload his radio links, and even share it with others.


@zpl1025 great, that’s a good idea! Unfortunately the browser cache is not a good solution, because if I restart the browser, it will start again with an empty menu.

– Update

I tried the preset list again from the browser after uploading the A50 + presets. All those presets are still empty (at least according to their caption), but if I click on one, the program corresponding to the preset number will start. The web interface does not read the status of the device to me (the current program name, cover image, preset, etc. are not displayed) What could be the problem?

– Update2
Ahh yes, it takes a few minutes for the preset list to be transferred from the device to the browser. It’s not fast, but at least it works sooner or later…

Cycling the power didn’t work, but I upgraded to the latest version just pushed (4.6.337862.27) and it seems to be working now.

Hi, I think the choppy sound with Airplay only happens when you have the browser player view open at the same time. No choppy sound when the browser player view is not open…Hope that may help you.