Firmware - How to roll back to one version before?

I need to flash my Up2Stream Mini v3 with an older firmware version.
The current version is 4.6.328252, so I am looking for the version before this one.


  • Where can I find and download that version?
  • What is the procedure for flashing my Up2Stream Mini with that version?

I will send you if it possible to send you via email,send me email on
You need update toll attached in beta firmware post on this forum or i send that to you also,just type your ip adress of player and click connect to be sure that connect to you player, browse for firmware and click update, it’s simple and easy.

Thanks for responding @Viktor1212 !

Are you an Arylic member?

Yes I’m.member of forum…

I have 4.2.8826 and 4.2.8422 firmware version ,if you needed i will send you.

Thanks Viktor.
I will send you a separate email.

I have running firmware 4.6.9724.
But I can’t set the device with a static IP.
Does somebody know if this is possible with an earlier version ?
I have integrated 8 devices into my domotic system.
But everytime when the IP change, I need to reprogram the domotic system.
Can somebody help me ?

You can fix that in router,find mac address from player and put on router settings under static adress,i fix my ip camera this way,you have mac adress in speaker info in the app.

Dear Viktor1212, thx for the answer.
The thing is that this is not possible in the router of the provider.
Then I have to place another router after the router of the provider.
So it’s easier to set a static ip into the amplifiers.

You can make static adress with newest firmware 4.6.328252,just put your adress in a web browser and you have ip seting dhcp and manual ,but just in newest firmware web browser interface exist

Subnet musk is
Gateway is your router adress
Prefered Dns is your router adress

Where can I find or download the firmware: 4.6.328252 ?

Update to beta firmware first and then will automatically will update to that new version,beta firmware download is on this forum under beta app and firmware subject, it’s on firs post under beta app and also update tool from same place, it’s a program for flashing firmware for ayrlic deevice.

Today I have tested with two Up2Stream Mini v3’s.

I had ‘older’ firmware 4.6.xx26 (or close to it) on two Mini’s. I made the network install with them, and viewed both via 4Stream App.

Quite soon I got a pop-up, mentioning new firmware was available. But I discarded the message: do not upgrade.
Then I tried to combine the two Mini’s into one group for stereo. But I got a notification that it wasn’t possible, because the software version was outdated, and I should update it.
Then I tried to connect to one of the speakers, but it was impossible.

What I found out

  • I wasn’t able to connect to one of the speakers, because it was in the process of upgrading the firmware. I did not expect that, because I discarded the request to install the new firmware. So maybe this means that 4Stream or the Mini’s initiate the firmware upgrade by themselves. I had no control over it.
  • My attempt to combine the two Mini’s to a stereo set didn’t work, because at that moment they had different firmware versions. And it seems to me that two Mini’s can’t be combined when they have different firmware versions.
  • I wanted to test with two Mini’s having older firmware, because I experience serious volume control issues with the latest firmware (4.6.328252). But since the Mini was upgrading itself, I had no control over firmware version, and could not execute my test.


  • I am human, so I can be making wrong conclusions. But can anyone who knows about this comment?

Your right,they update by itself automatically after some time,same with my players,i read somewhere on some forum to put some command for stoping the check of newer firmware…

On this site you have a lot of comands just put your ip adress,firmware part it’s on the end