Beta Firmware And Beta App Test Invitation

First of all, very appreciate our customers always positively give us helpful feedback to improve our products.

Recently, we are ready to release an enormous change of App and firmware update which may improve the usage experience a lot. Especially the multiroom control and network connection.

Before that, we want to invite our forum members to test the beta firmware and 4stream APP to help us make the new upgrade more better.

Very appreciate for your help and feel free to comments below to let us know your idea or any issues you meet! OK, Let’s go!

-Android App
-Update Tool (Windows ONLY)
-Beta Firmware

How to Install the new Beta test?

  1. Install the correspond APP for your iPhone or Android phone.
  2. Down load the Update Tool
  3. Operate the Update Tool then Input your device IP then Click Connect

You can find your device IP by Settings>Speaker info>Device IP


  1. Browse the Update file and click update

Now you are done, try the new functions below!

New 4stream App
New Features:

  1. Supports connection to mobile hotspot for use (So in outdoor, you can stream oneline music and surf the internet on your phone at the same time)
  2. New UI design
  3. New audio source switcher
  4. New multiroom control

New Features:

  1. Turn off WIFI after connecting Ethernet
  2. Add HTTP API to support pushing M3U playlist


  1. Improve USB stick playback compatibility
  2. Improved network status recognition
  3. Update SPOTIFY SDK
  4. Optimized device discovery

Big Fixed

  1. Fix the problem that DEEZER FLOW cannot be played when added to the preset.
  2. Fix the system error that may be caused by simultaneously adjust volume on APP and button
  3. Fix the problem of no Internet under Ethernet connection.

iPhone UI for reference


@Joy will give it a spin.

One question. Is the Firmware the same for all devices (e.g. AMP, PRO, MINI, S Series) ? Many Thanks in advance. Kevin


Keep up the good work Arylic…!
Amazing after sales policy!
Unbelievable; works like a charm with the old Rakoso X-10

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Yes, the firmware is for the WiFi module and suitable for all related devices

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I have successfully installed on two devices. Not tested yet.

When I downloaded the windows tool I had this filename:-

You see that there are Chinese characters and windows will not recognise the file as an application. However if I remove the characters manually (rename the file extension) using file explorer I get this

Now I can execute the tool as I now have a .exe file which windows recognises as an application.

Secondly could someone explain the “Improved Network Status Recognition” ? The Improvement is not obvious to me so far.

Regards, Kevin


tested thank you @zpl1025 it work smoothly :+1:


Update worked well. New Android app looks good.

Any chance you could post the latest version of the API and also the UART protocols for the new FW version?

Also, is there a download for the full pinout info for the pin headers? Manual for the Pro V3 is missing some info on that.

I am not sure if this is an effect of the New Firmware but I have now managed to connect From Alexa Echo Dot to Up2Stream PRO :+1: :+1:

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation : Software Version 540236804
Up2Stream PRO: 4.6.9724.27

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cool could you explain step by step how to integrait with Amazon Alexa?

Sure @mohammad.norouzi

It only works (to my knowledge) as a Bluetooth Device, so

  1. Put Arylic Device in BT Mode
  2. In Alexa APP, Select the device you want to use to pair to Arylic Device
  3. In DEVICE SETTINGS select WIRELESS - Bluetooth Devices
  5. Select Arylic BT Name when it appears.
    Should Connect now.

Beta Firmware is working great, some minor improvements might be needed : (from Pro V3)
-It seems like wifi hotspot is restarting at every boot (stays on when the board is fully connected to my wifi). the name of the hotspot is the original one (soundsystem_xxxx).
-EQ is loosing track and resetting
Wifi connection seems to be working a bit faster

App : (android)
-EQ doesn’t display properly (and a 3 bands EQ could be a realy good improvement)
-New audio switcher not implemented yet (i think it is normal)

Just downloaded new iOS app to look it over. Like that things have been cleaned up a bit. New source selection interface is clean and simple. Simplified speaker group pairing is nice. Way better than drag and drop. Wondering where the eq settings are? Can’t find it in iOS app and minor eq adjustment from the app has been very useful for me. I would actually like to see an expanded eq ability from the app outside of using acp workbench. I use acp workbench for crossover settings on my builds and flatten and smooth any problem areas in frequency response. Having eq available on the app for the end user to slightly warm or brighten overall sound is very important for end user satisfaction. Keep up the great work.

Updates work well and the app updates on Android are also nice. I like the grouping better.

And chance to get Plex available in the app,

Keep up the awesome work and great products.

I updated all 11 of my units with the latest beta firmware today and now I’m getting a lot of skipping in my Pandora music. All the units worked great before. Where can I get the old copy of the firmware to go back to and try and correct the problem? Thanks Steve

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  1. Add HTTP API to support pushing M3U playlist

So, will you update the HTTP API documentation, too? In general I would highly appreciate it when if this documentation always represents the current status of all available features provided by the LinkPlay boards.

Hi to everyone, I don’t know is it a good place here to ask but i need some information about linkplay a31 modul that are in v3 amplifier,my upnp server is native upnp server from kodi (libreelec,openelec) never menage to play songs from kodi mediacenter upnp server,i will come to every folder and songs, but after enter play song just skips all the songs to the end of folder,did any of member here use kodi server and have this experience? I stream with yamaha wxc 50 without problem and with another platform but no luck with linkplay,i have also two different linkplay device and i have same problem,i try new beta app and firmware but problem exist,Thanks. Viktor


The new firmware will allow us to change the sound to the left or right speaker?

Thank you

How to get an invitation code for the beta APP 4stream in TestFlight



PS Find the Public link for Testflight > search “4STREAM Testflight iOS” >>

4STREAM v 2.8.9722 (62217) release date 2021-06-22

Under firmware new features you list new Http API, where can I find a list of new API that has been added or change?

I ask as I am about to look into how to control my Arylic diy board from IPS Symcon (smart home system



New Features:

  1. Turn off WIFI after connecting Ethernet
  2. Add HTTP API to support pushing M3U playlist"

Hi Joy,

I installed the app 4STREAM beta and the firmware update v4.6 hoping that the new Spotify SDK would now enable Spotify Connect. Unfortunately this is not the case and Airplay (or Bluetooth) is the only option although in the device list SoundSystem pops up (greyed out) but is not selectable. Can an update offer this possibility in the future?