Doubts about S10 device, listen to a Pen USB, pair a Bluetooth Device with Arylic S10

Hi @C3pored,

With the app 4stream is everything ok, but it didn’t exist yet for windows 11, because what I want now is to stream the music of my PC to arylic, which is connected to the Bose system.
I already managed to do it, but I need my TV on.

I wonder if it is possible to stream directly from my PC with DNLA or AirPlay thru arylic.

I search in Google, it seems that it is possible with iTunes, but I got a error message when I try to authorize my PC on iTunes.

Right now I can do it, but I need my TV on.

If you have any idea please share it with me.

Thanks you.

@pgomes2000 Paulo,

Can you share which model is the Bose System ? Also a quick sketch or photograph of how the Arylic is connected to the Bose Unit.

Kind Regards


Hi @NWT.Stuff Kevin,

The Bose is the model PS 3-2-1 Series II and it is connected to Arylic with a 3,5 jack and RCA on the Bose.

Hope this helps.

Thank you all for trying to help.

@pgomes2000 Paulo.

I’ll look at the Bose Manual later.

Regarding Streaming from PC as it is Windows PC I would use DLNA. I don’t have experience with Windows 11 but if Windows Media Player is still installed then that should do it. I am also sure I have seen mention of Foobar2000 on the Forum.

Depending on how you are set up e.g. LAN or WiFi they may some network configuration (port or firewall) configuration to do. Sometime the software will prompt these changes. I am pretty sure that Windows network Discovery has to be enabled but unsure what Windows 11 looks like :slight_smile: )

Hope this helps


Hi @NWT.Stuff Kevin,

Windows 11 have Media Player, and on Media Stream Options I can see Arylic allowed, but when I try to cast a music only my TV appears.

Could it be some problem with firmware, if I point to the IP address of Arylic on a browser, it asks for a password and on the bottom is this UP2STREAM_PRO_V3 4.6.328252.29 (should be my firmware version).

I saw that there is a new firmware but I don’t know what is the password for the browser an there are some terms that are unknown for a noob like me :slight_smile:

Is there any topic recommended for begginers to update firmware?


@pgomes2000 Paulo,

I can’t remember the password for the Web Management Interface. Try “admin” “password” or blank “”. In any case this will help you configure Network Settings but not solve the Streaming Issue with Windows Media Player. Also your firmware is very much up to date v29 (xxxxx.29)is fresh fresh fresh.

I have never tested my PRO with Windows Media Player (as I stated ONLY theoretically works = NOT tested). I’ll test it and get back to you with my experience :slight_smile:

Regards, Kevin

Oh and by the way your PRO is on wifi or hard wired ethernet cable ?

Thank you @NWT.Stuff Kevin for helping me.

Mine is wired, connected directly to the internet provide router.



I can confirm that you are not a NOOB or going mad. Windows Media Player doesn’t work for me either. So I will explore other methods, I have a few in my pocket :wink:

Hmmm the pocket is not going well. I think there is clearly an issue with DLNA from Windows OS. I will research and try a few more things. Might take a few days !!


@pgomes2000 one important question regarding your application. Are you trying to play music from your PC Harddisk, USB Drive, NAS Network Drive or something else ? e.g. Music Services etc.

Hi Kevin,

I’m noob regarding S10 and sound systems.

But I agree with you, there is some issue with DNLA on windows. The connection i can make with my TV should be because of the chromecast it have.

On winfows I trying to playing songs on the hard disk. It’s a NVMe2.

Thanks fot tring to help.


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I have other DLNA Renderers that I can try this evening.

We can then see if it is an Arylic Problem or More General.


Ok Kevin, Good.


Other renderers not working with Windows Media Player.

I have managed to get Foobar2000 working with Arylic PRO.

And using this Component

When streaming the Arylic App looks like this

It wasn’t totally intuitive but give it a go and see what you think. I could write instructions but I would have to do it again and make notes. Not time for that today.

I also think I understand the TV thing now. You were streaming to Chromecast which is built into the TV so you would only get audio output when TV is on.


OK Kevin,

When you have time, please write some notes to configure the foobar2000 with the component from that wiki site (hope that it also works with S10). I don’t have hurry, for now with AirParrot3 and the TV I can stream audio and laptop screen also, it is just one more device (the TV on that it is not need).

Thanks for investigate and sharing.


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have you tried pulling in the music you want from the laptop dnla server using the phone App and drilling down the folder structure in the ‘My Music’ section of the App rather pushing to the Arylic from the laptop?

Hi Craig,

I do I access my music on the laptop from the phone app? and if I want do listen to the stream apps?

Hope I hava understood what you have said.


The Arylic phone App finds DNLA servers under the ‘my Music’ option. You then can open the DNLA server from the phone app and find the music from the files listed.

Although windows 10 says it’s pushing music to the S10 it doesn’t work what does work is pulling the music from the laptop using the Arylic phone app.

If you can’t see anything listed under ‘My Music’ you haven’t got access authorised on your DNLA server (laptop).

Hope this helps.

It works just like Amazon Music, it’s a remote music library that you access via the app and so to is your ‘My Music’ library.

Best Wishes



The DNLA server is on the Windows media player, right?
But my objective is control the music played fromm the laptop, and as you said “pushing music to the S10 it doesn’t work”.

So, I must continue to have my TV on, or wait for the Kevin solution with foobar2000.



Give these instructions a try and let me know how you get on.

Good Luck

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Hi Kevin,

The document didn’t need to have such a professional aspect.

I have done all but the music is only listening on my laptop speakers, I should first connect my laptop or Foobar2000 to the S10 device to the music be pulled to it, right? How do I connect or stream my sound output to the S10 device?

On the preferences of Foobar2000 the component is there.

Hope you can help.

Thanks for the great patience to do such a doc.


Be sure to select one of the upnp devices. In your case the S10.

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