Doubts about S10 device, listen to a Pen USB, pair a Bluetooth Device with Arylic S10

I have this one called AirPlay, but don’t detect also the S10. I if it detects I think I can only play mp3 files, and this thanks to you and Jordy I already can do with foobar.


This is Progress. I don’t think your Arylic Device is on the Local Area Network

Now go in the Arylic App. Device >> Settings >> Speaker Info

And post the result,

Regards Kevin


I don’t know why, but today the app detected the Airylic

Here is the speaker info:


Well Yes it seems firmly on the network now and you should be able to stream from Spotify etc. :+1:


The sound output is on my laptop, not on S10… I must do anything else on YouTube Music or Spotify or UPnP Analyser?

Sorry for such amount of doubts.


The UPnP Analyser was a test to prove that your device is on the network and broadcasting.

Now try Spotify Connect from your Laptop or Phone to see if you now have a an available device = S10.

If not check this on your android phone Spotify Discover use

You should get something like this

Then This

Forget YouTube Music for now. Let’s get Spotify up and running :slight_smile:

We are looking for a healthy Spotify Connect Service on (Your S10)

Regards, Kevin


Herr it is my screenshot.
But remember that the goal is to stream with the laptop.

I think i must launch spotify on the smartphone and then on the laptop.

But I prefer YouTube Music to Spotify, because of artificial intelligence that play the musics related to the musics I search BG5f78bc the other users also choose with the music I search. I don’t need to create a playlist.

But let start with spotify first has you said.



Your laptop needs to “discover” the Spotify Service on your LAN.

The APP we used on the android checks that the service is discoverable. The result is you have 2 devices running the Spotify Connect Service. (S10) (TV ?)

What’s happening here now on the Spotity APP fro Windows

Hi Kevin,

I think I need to subscribe the premium service of spotify.

When I execute the spotify on my android and try to connect to my laptop I have this screenshor:

Then the spotify on my laptop don’t have the Arylic enabled because I didn’t connect the spofity on the android to the laptop:

Do you have the Premium?

But has I said, to subscribe, I prefer the YouTube Music if it is possible to stream with it to the Arylic via the Laptop.


Yes I do have Premium but I also had it working with Free. However this can also be Country dependent too :hushed:

Confusing ? YES :slight_smile:

I’ll start to have a look at You Tube Music now


Thanks Kevin.

I will try also with my vpn psiphon :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Try this


Hi Kevin,

The Edge web cast didn’t find my S10:

I also tryed but with no luck either.

Now, on the desktop version of youtube music there is a option to ask for support, and I ask them if it is possible to stream audio to a DLNA server device.

I hope I receive any feedback from them soon and I will let you know.


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OK Paolo,

I will test at my end too :+1:

when Foobar2000 works, you can try the recorder plugin. It does route the sound from soundcard.
For better soundquality: install VB-Cable.
VB-Cable routes the sound from app to app (or all sound) by bypassing the soundcard. Using that for years. It’s awsome.

You can try Tuneblade too. It is free for non-apple devices.
For this too; VB-Cable

Ps: Edge and Chrome can not stream to audio-only devices.

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@j.eeken1 Jordy,

Thanks for the info

Will check out Tuneblade :slight_smile:

“Ps: Edge and Chrome can not stream to audio-only devices.”
Ooops :hushed: didn’t get that at all. Assumed DLNA Video & Audio would do the same :cry:

Hi Jordy,

I was able to output the stream of the YouTube Music to V-Cable as you can see here:

But now what I need to do to redirect the sound of V-Cable to the Aryrilc S10?



open foobar. Go to Preferences/tools/recorder and copy the settings from the picture below.

After that you just have to create a new playlist.
Then go to File/add location… and enter the following line… record://
Save the playlist (for the next time you want to use it)
Offcause you have to select the output device like before.
That’s it.

P.S. If the recorder plugin is not installed, you have to download it.

Hope this helps. If not, just ask.

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Hi Jordy,

The Foobar is already working with Arylic. It was discussed on the first posts of this thread. But if it has better sound quality it is already done :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But my goal is to stream with YouTube Music Destop (my favorite streaming application):

And I don’t know how to stream form the V-Cable to the Arylic S10 with only these settings.

If you can help I will appreciate. The YouTube Music application have and option to ask for questions to the support, and I already ask how to stream to a DLNA server, but until know they didn’t answer it.


Well, that is the purpose of the recorder plugin of Foobar.
That setting is just right.
Just play the music with YouTube Music Destop and follow my manual. VB-Cable will route the sound to foobar and foobar will stream it to the Arylic device.