Disable LEDs in Software?

I have two Arylic Up2Stream Pro v3s. Is it possible to disable or manipulate the LED’s blinking? I’m comfortable using the HTTP API if required.

Here is a good article in the forum about the API. You can use the UART Passthrough to update.


I’m not exactly sure how I can use the UART Passthrough via TCP. I’m on linux, I’m trying to encode messages as described here, is this still relevant? I’m sending for example MCU+PAS+RAKOIT:LED:0& and I encode it as described in the PDF.

I noticed that the HomeAssistant LinkPlay bridge doesn’t compute a checksum but uses a fixed one, which is weird…

Also, maybe my firmware isn’t new enough? 4Stream shows both boards I own as having firmware version 4.6.328252.24, which should be good enough?

I managed to put together a CLI tool that allows you to send the UART commands via TCP. It seems like my firmware doesn’t support setting the LED.

$ arylic-uart  --device --cmd MCU+VOL+GET
$ arylic-uart  -d -c MCU+PAS+RAKOIT:VER
$ arylic-uart -d -c MCU+PAS+RAKOIT:LED:0

Is there any way to get a compatible firmware on my Amp v3s?

You need to check the device type, some old models is based on another platform and which is a bit different with these commands. And if you could get the VOL command working, but can’t get the RAKOIT extended commands, then it must be a old model. You can start with MINI/PRO/AMP V3

“You need to check the device type, some old models is based on another platform and which is a bit different with these commands”

  • I think it is a serious drawback on the part of arylic for a diy multiroom system that the control parameterization is not homogeneous for different firmware.

For sure it’s perfect to keep all the boards support the same API command set, but actually, we don’t produce products on old platform any more, and we also did not sell too much boards with old platform. Because it’s totally different system for the old and new platform, and we actually also are not aware of remaining the extended API. So it needs a lot of effort to move all new introduced APIs to the old platform, migrate, debug, test, release… also we did not see any advantage to do this. So we’re now more willing to focus on maintain the new platform which have normal life circle. Anyway, will keep in mind to maintain extended APIs in the future if we found better platform and decide to move.

I checked the board again and you’re right, it has “Amp v1.1” printed on it (along with 2019-12-18). Can you point me to documentation on the exact differences? I’d like to continue using that board for now since it’s barely two years old.