Different Presets

I want to use two monitor speakers with or without subwoofer. Without sub, a Preset1 programmed in ACP Workbench shall direct the full frequency range to the monitor speakers. In case the subwoofer is connected I want to switch to a Preset2 that limits the monitor’s range to 80 Hz and directs the frequencies below to the subwoofer. How can I realize this in a way that the presets can be chosen from my app? Thank you for answering.

Sorry, I forgot to say that I intend to use the Up2Stream PlateAmp in the monitors and a wire connected Up2Stream Sub in the subwoofer. The crossover shall be programmed in the PlateAmp while the sub just reproduces what he receives via LFE from there.

Actually I haven’t build my speakers yet. I already purchased the Arylic boards but I’m still in the engineering phase. This means I don’t have any experience yet and need more detailed explanation.

Hello Tom

I have already built such a setup with the plate amp. I combined Yamaha NX-E700 speakers with a Yamaha NS-SW050 Subwoofer and i still like this combination.

You can set up several parametric equalizers using the APCWorkbench software.

  1. global
  2. left channel
  3. right channel
  4. subwoofer output

You can store presets on the global equalizer. This setting affects the left, right and sub. Your idea that the presets only affect a high pass filter on the left and right channel does not work.

Furthermore, it is not possible to change the presets via app, but there are 2 alternatives: Either via infrared remote control if you have ordered one or via the web interface.

The simplest solution will probably be to set the crossover frequency as low as possible, in my setup the speakers play down to 55 hz, below that the cut-off is very steep to protect the speakers and the amplifier. To be honest, i have to push it with more than 10db below 100 hz to play that low. For sure, this reduce the maximum volume, but i really don’t listen that loud.
The subwoofer then takes over from 35 to around 70hz, with a very flat low pass filter.

If I operate the speakers without the sub, I activate the Virtual Subwoofer function (D.Bass button) on the remote control. The function is also available in the web interface, but again not in the app. Set the frequency there so low that the speaker cannot play the frequency, in my example about 50 hz. This will give you the illusion of a deeper bass, as is the case with Bluetooth speakers, which produce incredibly fat bass for their size.


  • The infrared extension does not fit to the plate amp by default, but i described it in this forum how to wire it
  • The web interface may not work on your device, to fix it make a factory reset. I recommend you to do it before you do anything else

Feel free to ask if you have more questions.

Regards, Marcel

Hello Marcel,

Thanks a lot for your answer and sorry for replying so late. The monitors are running fine now with the Up2Stream Plate Amp. Inisde the monitos I devided the tweeter from the mid-bass driver with a passive crossover and all other adjustment is done with ACP Workbench.

Now I have to build the sub-woofer for this system. I purchsed the Up2Stream Sub module for this and my quetion is how to connect the Sub to the Plate Amp.

If I make a wired connection from the RCA (sub out) to the Line-in (aux) I suppose the sub-woofer will automatically receive all setpoints I program in the level 1 mono channel. Or is this 3,5 mm jack meant for other purposes?

Is a wireless connection also possible? This means, do the two amps find each other as master and slave in the same W-LAN environment? When playing music via Bluetooth, do I have to switch one SoundSystem on and is the other will automatically be sub-connected?

Two other questions:

  1. You mentioned that you described how to connect the remote control to the plate amp and that this is somehow tricky. Can you send me the link to this threat?
  2. What do you mean with the “Web Interface”? I’m only using the app on my mobile and the ACP software on my PC. The web interface is unknown to me.

Thank you very much and all the best for 2024!

I have a Plate Amp and Sub Amp. I use the sub in wireless mode but there is no way to have the sub come on automatically. It needs to be turned on separately. You can connect both devices together by Linking them. Click the ‘chain’ icon on the Plate Amp device screen and add the Sub to the list. Then the volume for both is controlled by Group volume…

I would now like to try using the Sub out from the Plate Amp to the Aux in on the Sub amp.

My question is how is the sub frequency then controlled - by the Plate Amp via ACP settings or by the Frequency control on the sub? Default from the Plate Amp is 300 Hz but that is way too high. I’m after less than 100.

Do you have any experience with this?

Hi Thomas

You can read how to connect the IR extension board: [solved] How to connect IR receiver to the plate amp (2 channel) - #5 by Marcelch

For the web interface you need the IP address of your amp. You can find it in your 4STRAM app. Select your amp, click on the settings and then speaker information (i use it in german, so i hope the translation is ok). There you find the IP like Then you can enter this address in your web browser on your computer. If you stuck on the loading screen, you have to factory reset your amp first.

To the qestion of scohrss:
My Yamaha subwoofer has no frequency settings, so i have configured the crossover in the ACPWorkbench in my plate amp. If you use your sub with a cable i think you also have to do it that way.