[solved] How to connect IR receiver to the plate amp (2 channel)


I have a plate amplifier (2-channel) mounted in the back of a Yamaha NX-E700 and that works very well.

i have also a button expansion and IR receiver board to use an IR remote control. But this doesn’t seem to be compatible, the connector on the amp is much smaller than on the button-board.

In the manual of the plate amp a connector for button and IR receiver is marked, but how can I make this work? do I have the wrong button board?

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Hi Marcelch,

I haven’t got a plate amp or a button board but from reading the manuals it appears that you should be able to connect the two together.

I presume that you have a 2.0 amp V3? The pictures below show the relevant sockets that you need to plug the cable into.

I hope this helps.


Thanks Steve for your answer, but it is this device: Wireless Plate Amp Up2stream Plate Amp-Arylic.com

As you can see, the connector has only 4 pins: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0072/6899/1049/products/3_745dc482-923d-4684-9a1b-9dd1e873adad_1800x1800.jpg?v=1637760382

There are contradictory statements here. On the pictures of the plate amp, you can apparently connect an infrared receiver. But this requires the button board, which in turn is not compatible with the plate amp. somehow something is still missing…

Kind regards, Marcel

Hi Marcel,
Sorry my mistake, It doesn’t appear that the Arylic button board is compatible with that unit.
The manual does show how buttons can be added, but it’s a do it yourself option using momentary push buttons and resistors. I guess it would be dependent of your DIY skills to make this option happen.

I understand the circuit diagram for the buttons, but i would rather connect the IR receiver and not attach any buttons to the speaker.

But how must the IR receiver be attached to the pins of the amplifier? Any idea how to wire tis correctly?

According to the instructions there are 4 pins, with a bit of luck this is meant from top to bottom. The IR extension board has 3 pins.

(2) PH2.0-4P: VCC3V3, GND, IR, ADC

PIN IR is used for connection to IR receiver
PIN ADC is used for external buttons, please refer to the circuit
on the right for key definitions

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I found the solution. The plate amp is compatible with the IR extension board. But the 3 pin connection wire must be modified like this:

Then the 3 pin wire can be connected in the top 3 pins of the 4 pin connector on the plate amp. The button board is not needed to get it work.


Can I ask you what IR-receiver you bougth?

This was included with the IR extension board of Arylic:

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Ah, I didn’t read the description carefull enough, indeed the Ir-reciever is included with the expansion board. I think I will solder the 3-pin socket 180 degrees rotated on the Ir-expansion board instead of messing with the wire itself…

Do you guys know what IR receiver will work with Amp board? What is the carrier frequency? Will CHQ1838 be suitable? Do I need any additional passive elements?

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you which components can be used. However, there is a suitable extension from Arylic for the Amp Board in the form of the button board, which already has an IR receiver built in. The button board can be connected to the amp board with an around 10cm long cable (included in the package). If you have the skills you can dissemble this board and reverse engineer it. Other way you can use it as a plug and play solution.

If you need a longer solution out of the box, i recommend the IR extension board. The IR extension is connected to the button board and cannot be connected directly to the amp board.

By the way, the sensitivity of the receiver is surprisingly good. 10 meters is no problem and you don’t have to aim precisely with the remote control.

38Khz is the frequency, you don’t need any other components. The item you have chosen should be ok.
I have used similar on a V3 board with no issues.

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