since February deezer no longer works on Arilic products, after contacting Deezer the problem comes from Arilic, I don’t understand why they are unable to solve this problem, I currently have 3 stremaers out of service, and am not happy at all with Arilic.
it seems that Arilic doesn’t care about his customers’ heads
when will this be fixed???


I encountered the same issue with Deezer. Instead of using the 4stream app I found another app that uses Airplay. That and the official Deezer app do work via the wifi input. It may not be the fix you want but you’ll be able to stream to a single device at a time. Alas, only the newer version of Airplay streams to multiple devices at the same time.

Good morning,
thank you, I would like to try it to see, which application is it?
it remains annoying that Arilic is not able to make his products work, currently I have 3 that are useless…
have a nice day

AirMusic if you have non-Apple phone and use Android.

Just currious to hear if any progress has ben made on the Deezer in-app login issues or not as I have not seen any updates on this topic for a bit of time.

I am interested too in finding out on where we are at and if this can be overcome…


Il ne s’est absolument rien passé, arylic semble totalement incompétent pour résoudre ce problème qui date d’un an déjà !!!