Dark matter with 2.1amp inside

Ok, so I bought a up2stream 2.1amp. I thought - let’s make some music. Speakers. It needs some speakers. So I got a few. 2x Dayton Audio ND13FA-4 1/2" Soft Dome Neodymium Tweeter 4 Ohm 20w, 2x Dayton Audio DMA80-4 3" Aluminum Cone Full-Range Driver 25w and a Tang Band W5-1138SMF 5-1/4" Paper Cone Subwoofer Speaker 40w. Yeah, I know, not much watt power, but space for enclosures was limited. The project needed to fit in free space in closet. So it needs to be small and compact. Ok. Let’s go…

You know how it is, making plans, cut MDF, glue MDF, cot holes for speakers, calculate closed enclosure…glue MDF again…
I knew The Box will be black, so i thought - lets make inside white. I guess nobody will ever look to inside of the box. But come on, why not?

Hehe, it’s kinda cool. I put up2stream amp on top of it, like a crown. Ha. Ok. In left corner I nailed 2 crossovers. It’s nothing special about them, but I’m satisfied with them. Power, amplifier needs power to feed speakers with some plus and minus to create a sound. I naled one too to the right corner. It’s a 24v 9A.

So far so good, let’s give to this “body” some veins that the electricity can flow. I took pure copper 2.5mm² leads, lilbit oversized, but they looked so good :slight_smile:

Lets put some paint on it. Yeah, first prepare the surface for that… I hate these steps.

Oh, right. I added an Acrylic button board.
Rigt. The box is black. Finally. All puzzle pieces are in place. It’s powering up, no burning fire, white LED is on flashing. Good sing. Lets give to the box access to the internet. Success. Thats so easy. Arylic made it really simple. Thumbs up.
Well, I’m not a pro can’t measure how clear or not the up2stream 2.1amp feeds those speakers, but I like it what I hear. For my ears it’s enough. Rich bass, clear mid and tweets. I’m smiling now. It sounds good. Yeah
So, here it is - The Dark Matter

…and from behinde…

Edit: it goes to my brother in law, he is responsible for saying: I want it in black.


Nice work. That looks fantastic. Love the name. Kudos on that power supply.

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Congrats! Super project. I’m also building a boom box with Amp 2.1 & a button board, and I wonder how you made the front panel ? Did you buy it?

Appreciate :metal:

Thanks :+1: , all body is diy


Amazing! It looks very good!

Pretty nice Ray! Thanks for sharing :love_you_gesture:

Nice Design, Great build quality, superb wiring. Have to agree with the brother in law; it was made to be black :slight_smile:

WOW! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Really a nice project . How’s the sound . look forward to get a video if possible :slight_smile:

Great build! I’ve been thinking about some DIY floor standing speakers with Dayton drivers. I’ve not heard them in person though. Would you recommend them? Any other thoughts on their sound quality?

So cool!
I really want to see the effect of using it, if there is a video.

hello all,
for those who will see this box in action i please wait. Because the DarkMatter is no longer at me.
I did send a request to my brother in law to take a video. I’m still waiting… As soon i get it i’ll share with you guys.
And once again, thank you for your support
May the Sound be with you

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Dayton drivers in general are good. I mean, all drivers are good until they are in the right box. But yeah, i would reccomend them.

I’d be very grateful to know what power supply you used. Can you please provide that info.