Custom url play via TCP


I found in the TCP API document commands to control linkplay enabled products via TCP.

My question is:
Is there a way to send a command to the device to Play a custom URL via TCP?

It is not listed in the document.

With the httpapi website reference it is possible, but the httpapi webservice seems to be disabled on my ‘Marshall UXbride’ loudspeaker.

The 4STREAM app can start a custom station on the speaker, so it should be possible somehow?

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Ivar Groenendijk

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The app will start the playback with httpapi.

Btw, since you could send TCP packages, you could compose a HTTP package to send it to port 80. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, but the Marshall speaker UXBridge doesn’t seem to allow the httpapi commands, weird enough…

So to clarify: works fine, but there is no command to play an url and the httpapi isn’t accepted by the speaker.

Update: I just read this topic: Web Interface Issue

Is this related maybe?

Hi , did you solved it? I want to send some internet radio url to the unit but i don’t know how

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Not yet. I just do not understand why the 4Stream app works if it does make use of the httpapi.

It seems that the UXBridge works slightly different than the Linkplay.

The webinterface isn’t responding at least.

Hello, i have exacly the same problem with a yamaha yas 209 soundbar with a118 chip. The 4Stream app is working fine but no luck sending a http api command via browser.

@zpl1025 Hi Frank, do you have another idea?

I have an Homey smart home control unit. It works fine to contol the Arylic products through http api

Thanks, yes, I have other products, what are working fine. I know how it works.
The Marshall UXBridge isn’t unfortunately… The GET request will fail with server not reachable.

Oh, you’re trying with some 3rd party devices… not all linkplay devices enable the HTTPAPI. The 4STREAM APP is connecting to device with various protocols, not only the HTTP.

Makes sense, thanks. But; do you know how the app then connects and make a call to play an url.

As I said in my first post, there is a TCP tunnel connection option, what have made working, but in this doc there isn’t an option to play a url.

Is there another me method maybe? I searched everywhere, but cannot find any?

Or; is there a way to enable the HTTPAPI?

The APP should start the playback with UPNP method.

Ok, do you have documentation about that for me?