Web Interface Issue

I have the Up2Stream Pro V3 and I cannot connect to it via the device IP address. I have it connected via ethernet and can control it through the phone app no problem. I am a bit concerned as I just purchased three of these and have already run into a slew of issues out the door. It shows the interface but is stuck loading. I tried (chrome, firefox, safari and brave). All have the same issue. Is this a port forwarding issue? I am on a Mac but not sure why that would matter.

Do a factory reset of the device through the app. Sometimes it needs to be done twice for the EQ function to work.

Partially solved. I can only access the web interface when on wifi. It does not work when connected via ethernet.

It’s a different IP address for the ethernet connection, download ‘Fing’ app and do a scan on your network with the Up2Stream device wired.

Thanks a lot, a factrory reset did result in a functional web interface :slight_smile:

As there are a few issues about these webpage bug- I really(!) would appreciate if arylic solves this bug…

Hi EPIX, what issues?

The problem with the webinterface is reported by more people.
The solution “Do a factory reset of the device through the app.” - is not really a solution but only a workaround.

So the better way would be to solve this bug :slight_smile:

Oh, this issue is difficult to fix because actually it’s an extra plugin running in background, and in current design, it requires a factory reset to enable loading the plugin… I’ll check with Linkplay engineer and see if could improve.

Factory Reset worked for me