Cannot Connect to Wifi

Now there is 2 way to do the first WIFI connection setup with Arylic System. One is through connect device AP for connection, the other is BLE connection. All products are support AP connection method, and BLE connection already support most of our new products. If your device is compatible then we advice you use BLE connection method which is more easy and fast.

The model below is not support BLE connection:
A50/S50 PRO/S50 PRO+

BLE Connection

Before using BLE connection, please make sure that you already open your GPS and Bluetooth on your phone. These 2 requirements is for get the IP address of our device. It won’t access any data on your phone, after the first setup you can close them.

  1. After you power up the device and set to the WIFI mode, the LED indicator will display white light and blinking fast. At this moment, the device is rebooting. Please patiently wait 30-60 secs, then device will turn into slow blinking. When the white light blinking slow, it means the device is ready for connection. Now you can start the WIFI paring.

  2. Open the 4stream App then app will pop up the setup instruction. If you already setup with other device then click the “+” on the top right to add other device. Next the setup instruction will ask you if the white light status is blinking or not. Click “indicator is blinking” to the next step. Then there will have devices listed, choose the one that you are going to setup the WIFI connection and click “Setup this device.”

If your device is not display on the list, you can click the power button twice then you will hear hint voice" waiting for WIFI connection."

  1. Now the instruction will list the WIFI in your home, choose the WIFI that you want to configure and click “OK” to next step. Next input your WIFI password and click “Next”

*First WIFI configuration need to use 2.4G WIFI, after first connection, you can use same 5G network for streaming.

  1. To this Step, our system is configuring the WIFI connection. Please wait for 30-60secs. Then, you will see the hint that the WIFI connection is succeed and click “OK”. Afterwards, you can start to use our device.

You can refer to the video below for AP and BLE WIFI connection:
BLE (Start from 2:44):

Failed Connect to WIFI? Solutions below :point_down:

  1. First Check the light status. If the white light blinking fast, this usually because the bad contact between the WIFI module and bottom board. Now you can try to insert the WIFI module again.
  2. Try to power off and on again.
  3. Try to reset the device, press the power button 3 times entering the reset. Wait for 1-2mins, when the white led blinking slow then you can start to pair WIFI again.
  4. Try to connect by Lan cable, after insert the Lan cable the white light will turn into fixed. Now the device is connected, open the 4stream app to restore to the factory settings. The route is: device settings> speaker info>restore to factory settings. Wait for 1-2mins, when the white light blinking slow you can take off the Lan cable and pair the WIFI again.

If the solutions above are failed, the issue must be hardware defected. Once your device still under the 1 year warranty period, you can send the info below to, we will arrnage replacement to you.

-Confirm you already tried all solutions above
-Your order number(If you are not buy from our afficial store, please offer the screenshot of your order. Who buy from the reseller or distributor please apply the replacement from your seller.)
-Shipping info for replacement
-Other details if needed"

Last Updated: Oct. 20.2021

I have tried all these steps but still cannot connect my Up2Stream Pro V3.

I can detect my device from the 4Stream app:


But either it goes back to the connect screen all over again or it times out:

Should encryption be turned off? I turned off my 5 GHz radio in my router so it’s only broadcasting 2.4 GHz. Using the iOS app. I have factory reset my device several times and gone through all the procedures in the manual.

Hardwired trial yet? That cuts through all the encryption, passwords, channels, etc
When you’ve got hardware on subnet scan it to determine hardware ip or look at router table.
Try a ping to it from browser and then run command line “” replacing ip above with your Up2Stream Pro V3’s IP. About 2nd line of response see “firmware”:“4.6.9724” what you got? If Pro V3 not getting on gateway it’s firmware might not work with newer you might have on 4Stream.

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I’m having the same issues, also IOS. I originally had the A50, couldn’t get it to do anything at all for setup. I just received an A50+ as a replacement. This one gets farther into setup, but won’t connect to my AP (5G channel disabled, only broadcasting 2.4ghz). It’s right above my network switch, but even when I plug directly i to the lan, still doesn’t connect. The only time it connects at all is through the “alternate setup” method switching to the SoundSystem wifi, but then I’m unable to reconfigure it to my AP and it loses connection as soon as my phone connects back to the AP. I’m about fed up with these boxes, can’t seem to perform the most simplest of tasks connecting to my AP that’s on the ceiling right above it.