Can I use an Up2Stream DAC Board to upgrade an Arylic S10 streamer (DIY) - or can I extend the S10 with an Up2Stream S/PDIF Out Board


I know the Up2Stream DAC Board is working as an upgrade to the DIY Arylic streamer boards. Can I also use the Up2Stream DAC Board to upgrade an Arylic S10 streamer. Does the Arylic S10 streamer has this functionality on its board or is this missing?

Has anybody done a DIY project which expands the Arylic S10 streamer with a digital output?

Could I use the Up2Stream S/PDIF Out Board with an S10 streamer. If possible, would the housing of the S10 have enough space for this additional board?


Hi Bidjan,
Essentially the S10 is a Pro board in an enclosure, I did ask Frank about this and from memory I think he said that the S10 boards weren’t screenprinted, and that’s the only difference.

This post might assist you as well: S10 as an external DAC for PC

Thanks for your reply. Thus, it should be possible … but I assume that the box is too smalle to integrate other stuff into it. Maybe Arylic will upgrade their S10 some time with an additional digital output to make it work as a streamer transport.