S10 as an external DAC for PC

Hi all.
The manuals for S10 and for Up2stream Pro V3, upon which S10 is based, clearly state that they can work as USB DAC devices, when connected to PC USB port.

I’ve tried to plug S10 to my Windows 10 laptop, it does power on, but no Audio or any other device appear in the device manager.
Is there any way to set the device up as PC output device?


@bshtein welcome to the forum. It’s a very friendly place :slight_smile:

I don’t have an S10 but do have a PRO V3. Never tried that so will be interested in results. I will have a go this weekend and report back.

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Using my windows 10 laptop with the S10 directly connected by usb, it picked it up under ‘Sound, Video and Game’ controllers as ‘Up2Stream USB Audio’ and gives control as a speaker through Amazon Music for instance on Laptop with the volume output controllable.
You could use the Phone App to make sure its switched to USB DAC.

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I’m sure it’s supported, after you connect the device to PC with the USB cable, windows should switch to this USB audio device automatically.

  • please make sure the cable you used does support the data wires.
  • Another point might affect, please make sure the firmware is the latest.
  • Please make sure the board inside S10 is PROV3, you can verify this with the web management page if you’ve upgraded to the latest firmware. Or use this api, http://device_ip/httpapi.asp?command=getStatusEx, and check the field project in the response json. It’s supposed to be UP2STREAM_PRO_V3