BP50 Display Issue

I have a BP50 and it works really well in my use case. I use Line input probably 90% of the time to feed my TV to my power amp and speakers. The TV optical out connector is messed up so I use the RCA outs. I have had BP50 for about 2 months, about a month in use the Line indicator stopped lighting up. All other input modes still show up but not Line.
Occasional I use BT mode to listen to audio from my iPhone, but not that often.

Has anyone else had a problem with the display?

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if what you are saying is that the front white LED input lights dim after prolonged power, then yes

i used mine mainly as a DAC so it was always on PC =DAC input

and i sometimes left it on overnight and yes the front panel LED is noticeably less bright

they are using poor quality LEDS

a way they could limit this is have the unit auto off the display after say 10 secs, could do it in firmware

but overall I mean if this is the quality of their $80 product then it does not bode well for their more expensive stuff

What I am seeing is that all inputs - Phono, Optical, ARC and BT - light up. Line does not light up at all that selection LED is just dead.

you have a burnt out led?

I have also had the same issue. My DAC input LED started going out about a month after I first purchased my BP50 in September '23. Arylic replaced my unit in October, but now my DAC input indicator has almost completely burned out, and the OPT and LINE indicators are also visibly dimmer than the other less used inputs. I’m going to reach out to them again about replacement, but seeing as this likely wasn’t a one-off I’m regretting my choice to purchase the BP50.