B50 stopped turning on with tv

Hi everyone, so i have my B50 for 3weeks now and i noticed that it doesn’t turn on anymore when i turn on my tv. I have to turn it on via the remote. It’s connected via the Hdmi Arc. It does turn off when i turn off the tv. Anybody an idea how to remedy this? Thanks. Dave

I’m having the same issue with the BP50 model. In my case, the HDMI ARC power ON never worked, even with the factory installed firmware version: 52-8456a6b7-8

Today it appears that a new firmware was released. Although, some folks with the B50 model report that the firmware has bricked their device… so beware! Maybe wait for some official update from Arylic before updating a B50 just yet.

So far BP50 users are reporting that the firmware does work correctly on their model. I was able to get the new firmware version 56-0bf6cc3e-8 to install on my BP50 successfully. However, the HDMI ARC issues are still present. There appear to be 3 issues impacting the device in my testing:

  1. BP50 in Standby does not turn back ON when TV is turned back ON.
  2. BP50 HDMI ARC audio stops playing when TV audio is abruptly interrupted
  3. GoControl iOS App’s ARC Standby switch does not turn OFF this feature on the BP50

Issue 1 has never worked for me, no matter which device I turn back ON first. If the TV is turned ON first, and the BP50 is still in Standby mode, then the BP50 is not found when scanning all CEC devices in the TV’s menu. So, it’s possible that the BP50 is not listening for CEC commands from the TV when it’s in Standby mode.
If the BP50 is turned ON first, the TV is not turned on either. I’ve tested separately that CEC commands from a Pulse-Eight CEC adapter are able to turn on this same TV when it’s off. So, it appears that the BP50 is not sending the TV ON command over CEC either.

Issue 2 is easy to reproduce when playing a YouTube video on an HTPC connected over HDMI ARC (PCM) to the TV and the BP50. Just skip back and forth in the YouTube video, and eventually the BP50 goes silent until the TV’s HDMI ARC is toggled off and back on. It seems that something is sent which glitches the BP50 or the TV (a Vizio M601d) until it is reset.

For Issue number 3, it doesn’t seem to matter whether the ARC Standby switch in the GoControl app is set ON or OFF. Either way, the BP50 always goes into Standby mode when the TV is turned off.

Let’s hope that these issues can be addressed in the next firmware update.