B50 ARC not working at all


I recently bought a B50. I’ve updated it to the latest software version and everything else works fine but my TV ( Samsung QE75Q60B ) doesn’t recognise the B50 at all. I’ve tried several HDMI-cables with no success. I’ve tried every setting in the TV and unplugging everything else from it than the B50… still nothing! Has anybody got any ideas? Without the ARC the B50 is totally useless to me. That was the main reason I bought it in the first place! So frustrating!

Same here.

Make sure you have the output format to PCM and not anything else.

I tried everything I could think of and in the end Arylic customer service told me that the amp is not compatible with my TV.
So I sent it back and got a refund.
Although, I lost a few € in the process.
They really should inform customers that the ARC does NOT work with some quite common TV’s!

Never buying an Arylic product again!

Some TVs implement things like HDMI ARC and/or CEC in broken, buggy or non-standard ways. Unfortunately it’s also the case that it would be time & cost prohibitive to test against every possible HDMI TV available, and handle all the bugs and problems at the receiver end. We can hope for at least that a device such as B50 / BP50 might be able to handle the most common denominator, with maybe some special cases for quirky TVs. However depending on the issue, it may or may not be something a receiver device can always work around.