Auto switch to "Line In" source

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I am planning to create a setup in which a up2stream Pro V3 would be connected to an external amplifier going in to a 2 spreaker setup.

I would want to use 2 input methods.
-Line in, connected to my projector for my home theatre system
-Spotify connect for listening to music though the same speakers when not using the projector

I have figured out (using the up2stream Amp I use for another audio system) that while a Line In is connected, it is possible to automatically switch to Wifi (spotify connect).
However, whenever I disconnect the Wifi source and want to start the Line In, I have to select the source from the app.

Is there a way to switch to “Line In” mode automatically? It seems like a hassle to open the app every time I start the projector.

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Maybe a current sense switch on the projectors power supply? A DPDT relay could then choose the input source.

Hi @Steve1
Thanks for your response.
That seems like it would work. Do you have any more information about what to do with the DPDT relay. Is there a pin on the up2stream Pro I can connect to to change the input source?

If you are techy enough, you can trick the board, as when you insert a jack to the line input it automatically enables the Line In mode. In the jack socket on the board you will find 2 contacts that detect whether a jack is connected or not. You can use this. I do not recall if the contact is closed when no jack is inserted or open. For construction simplicity reasons, I believe it is opened by the insertion. Just test this with a voltmeter and then ‘fool’ the system either with a relay or a photocoupler depending on your set up. You probably will have to neutralize the ‘hard’ switch contact on the plug.

@Nobu, that’s very helpful information and I’ll keep that one for future/further investigation.

@RikVB, I don’t think the extension port Key pin will be of any help as using the Mode switch would scroll thru BT, WIFI, USB, AUX.
If you don’t feel confident doing as Nobu suggests, which is probably the best way by the way, I can provide an alternate sketch.

Hi Rik,
Current firmware does not support this feature, we’ll consider to update firmware to support.

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Hello @RikVB ,
I’m not sure if this works for the Pro V3 (I have an A50+), but you can try the UART commands (via TCP passthrough) available on this page: API Files for Developers
MCU+PAS+RAKOIT:ASW:1& to enable automatically switching back to previous source,
MCU+PAS+RAKOIT:POM:LINE-IN& to set power on mode to line-in.

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This should be a solution, I nearly forgot this feature…