API Files for Developers

You can find all our API files here and we will keep update.




And welcome to report an error and leave your suggestions in the comments below. :grin:

very useful information! thanks!

Hi Joy.
There’s an inaccuracy. For example, the virtual bass is switched by the command MCU+PAS+RAKOIT:VBS:T&
There’s no mention of RAKOIT

Thanks Joy for the update.

Unfortunately nothing new on the UART side ! :frowning:

@DiyAudio @Dmitry @Cheeks @Joy

Would a similar documentation to HTTP for UART (with tested command set) be helpful for you ?

In the API Documentation world we (@phranck & @NWT.Stuff are volunteers & contributors (not paid)). So to know what you would like to see is essential before we make that effort.




Nice :slight_smile:

The documentation is perfect for me !

I thought that the new documentation was relative to the new FW update. But apparently it’s not the case !
And in this update there is unfortunately no new UART commands.

Sorry for the misunderstanding from my side and thanks for your works guys ! :beers:

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@DiyAudio Paul,

No misunderstanding at all. The intention is to publish UART commands in the same format.

Correct the API developers documentation is completely independent of Firmware Updates however in the future if a New Firmware Update includes expanded command set (e.g. UART) then the sensible approach would also be to publish the updates at roughly the same time.

There might be :thinking: :joy:. It’s a difficult situation to manage. There are LinkPlay UART Commands, Arylic UART Commands style “RAKOIT” and I am not sure there is someone with the full picture and it is not systematically documented (probably due to limited resources in LinkPlay & Arylic).

There will for sure be a better way of Commutating Updates to Command Sets but the path is not apparent yet. My personal view is that documenting HTTPAPI, TCP/IP, DLNA/UPnP & UART as proposed by @phranck & @zpl1025 is the best way forward. The downside is that it is time consuming and not our day jobs :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Kevin

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Hello, I can not open the HTTP API documentation. Is the server down or is there a other location where I can find it?

Kind Regards, Thomas

@joy @zpl1025 @phranck

I have noticed a couple of commands that are missing from the HTTPAPI.

Volume ++ (Increases Volume by 7 steps (in the 0-100 Range)


Volume – (Decreases Volume by 7 steps (in the 0-100 Range)


Sorry this was my fault as I obviously didn’t check all the commands at the time. I am happy to correct and have another sweep through the documentation in the coming week.

@mclarkdev you may be interested in these commands.

Regards, Kevin


Well that would have been useful, my ESP32 firmware currently reads the volume from getPlayerStatus before making an adjustment. This will save a few extra milliseconds and removes one additional call to the API :+1:

This is a short discussion about some observations I have made about the HTTPAPI with regards to Multiroom Volume.

@zpl1025 could you please confirm

  • No Group Volume Command in httpapi ?
  • would you have a similar or alternative approach ?
  • Issue specific to HTTPAPI or ALL Command Sets ?

Many thanks in advance, Kevin

Hi Kevin, no HTTP API for group volume, I’ll try to request for one.

And currently, the alternative way is to use the TCP method to send command directly to MCU, and this is the part I can control, and can add a command to adjust the group volume, it would be more easy.

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