Audio dropout/stuttering

Hi I’m enjoying playing music using my Acrylic S50 (Living room) and the Up2Stream Pro (Den) , but am experiencing regular audio break up, normally occurs at the end of a track . Happens with Amazon music, Tidal, Qobuzz and most surprisingly with music from my Seagate Discstation. This does not happen with my Bose SoundTouch speaker, am I expecting to much from an inexpensive player? All streamers are hardwired 1Gb switch .Anyone else experience this and can offer a solution? PLEASE HELP! It’s starting to get to me!

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I’m dealing with that same issue too. Anyone figure out a fix for it yet??

same issue here. I found a similar thread some time ago. spotify connect pause problems .

When connected over WiFi the problem is less pronounced here but when connected over wire it’s an disaster.

Just wanted to add myself to the list of people with this issue. I make and sell equipment using these boards, Up2Stream V4 usually, and I’ve noticed that as soon as there’s more than 4 devices playing, the stability of the system really goes out the window. I’ve invested in better wifi for my shop thinking that would be it, but nope. Tested out at a different location as well, same results.

2 or 3 devices, great, but add more and it’ll start stuttering intermittently. I wonder if there’s a way to add more buffering time to whichever unit is configured up as a server (i.e. ‘the master’). Sonos doesn’t have this problem, even in terrible wifi situations and it very well may be due to the ability to set a buffer for up to 2000ms.