Arylic Amp V4 board - Logitech Media Server - Airplay Bridge

Hi to this forum,

I have a question and hope someone knows this issue.
I have a Logitech media Server (LMS) on a NAS and use the Airplay bridge. I have several speakers with Airplay (Bose, WHD) who works perfect with this setup. When installing the Arylic board, it is recognized and I can select it as speaker in LMS. However, during playback I get dropouts (1 second play, 1 second dropout). Anyone who uses an Arylic board with LMS and Airplay bridge who knows this issue and solved it?



Hi @michi71

I use Synology NAS & Audio Station (Server). The performance using Airplay was not great for me either. However if I use the DLNA Bridge thinks work fine.

Also you could try “pulling” from the Server. So in the 4 STREAM APP Select, My Music, Home Media Share and you might see you’re LMS there.

Hope this helps


This is a known bug and did not push to ota yet, please refer this post for a temp solution New update causing iTunes Airplay Issues - #31 by zpl1025

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Thanks, I did not found this post (seems I’m actually the only one using up2stream with Logitech Media Server and Airplay Bridge plugin fom philippe).

This did it and streaming works perfect now.


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