Antenna - ufl connector type - confused

Hi guys,
after a year on playing with my speaker i have discovered i need an upgrade for my wifi antenna.
The UFL IPEX coonector comes in various sizes.

From this site:

Can anyone enlighten me.
Many thanks in advance

After doing a day of digging here is what i learnt and hope it helps other Arylic lovers and tinkerers.

IPEX is product name by a 3rd party manufacture (the original connector developer U.FL) they are the same.

  • MHF1 - used for 2.4GHz devices (height 2.5mm)
  • MHF4 - used for 5GHz devices (height 1.8mm)

Arylic amps (as i know it) uses 2.4GHz so get yourself a IPEX - MHF1 connector

As for the other end - SMA or RP-SMA
it does not matter which choice you make - all the matters is the physical antenna connection type. IF you have a spare antenna laying around the house and intend to use it, buy the appropriate connector type.

If anyone can confirm my research i would really appreciate it.

Hope it helps !


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