Another build

Hi fellow constructors, I’m in the process of setting up another Pro v3 board, this should complete my streamed music system, at least for a while I think.
I thought that I would share with you a description of the build and some work in progress photos.

I’m recycling an enclosure that I built a number of years ago for a Logitech Squeezebox classic project.
This build includes a power transformer, two voltage regulators set to 18v and 5v, a Wondom / Sure Electronics amplifier board, the Arylic Pro v3 board and a PCM5102 DAC board

A new timber inset front panel includes a power switch, a two position rotary input selector switch for the Arylic Pro board input or for an auxiliary input and a volume control. Three LEDs will indicate power on, LAN connection or auxiliary input being active.

The modified back panel will have a fused IEC C13 power inlet, RJ45 Ethernet, RCA inputs, binding posts for speakers and a wifi antenna.

More to follow once I get all the parts.

Update on the build.

So, a bit more progress. I have mounted an aluminium shelf plate across the enclosure to mount the amplifier, Arylic and DAC boards, I’m still waiting for the DAC board and some other items to arrive so I cannot do much more there.

The front panel switch, gain pot and LEDs have been wired ready for final connection.

I use Rod Elliot’s ‘Better Volume Control’ design for the gain pot, a design that I have used on previous builds.
More to follow.