My latest streaming amp, how my Arylic streaming setup works plus a shout out for forum members.

Details of my latest build are here: Another build - #3 by Steve1

I’ve set this new unit up with a pair of full range speakers that I built earlier this year. For anyone that might be interested they are Mark Audio CHR70 drivers in hyper bass-reflex enclosures.
I’m really happy with this combination of amp and speakers and really delighted with the unit visually, as a repurposed enclosure it’s turned into a tidy little unit.
The Arylic and DAC board combination is one that I’ve used previously and on this build they are working well and I’m very happy with the listening results.

My audio streaming setup (at least for the time being) includes a Pro V3 board in my study which is USB fed from my music source PC and with a wired ethernet connection to our network, this unit lets me stream all of my playlists, CD copied and downloaded music on iTunes plus Spotify to the study audio system and all the other Arylic devices on our network as a multi room group if or as required.
I have an A-D converter so I could probably stream an analogue source (vinyl etc.) this is unlikely, but possible if required.
I have two other Pro v3 boards which are ethernet wired, one in the living room and the last one (this current build) will be in the lounge, I have a fourth board which is a mini and it is in the outdoor alfresco area.
l don’t personally consider my Arylic devices capable of audiophile quality sound reproduction but I have various I2S DAC boards attached to all of them in an attempt to get the best sound quality that I can out of them, the results are more than adequate for ambient background music or for entertaining etc.

I would like to thank some other forum members and in particular the user ‘Nobu’ for their help and advice along my Arylic journey.
I hope that this series of posts might inspire others to have a go at home construction, I regularly check in on the forum and when and where possible I try to advise and assist other users with their builds and their issues where I can or if I have some knowledge of the problem, I try to help out.

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