Adding LED strip to Arylic 2.1 Plate Amp

Good evening,

I’m new on this forum, and also new in the Arylic audio world.
This forum looks very promising, so hopefully there is someone who can help me with my next project!:grin:

Im already for a few years designing speakers, but recently found out about the Arylic series… So now i want to integrate a Arylic 2.1 Plate amp in my next project.

My question is;
I want to integrate a LED strip in my speaker housing, as decoration lighting.
Is this possible to power the LED strip with the Plate amp? And is it also possible to turn the LED strip on/off?
Because i was seeing on the Arylic remote the button LED on/off…
Also on the Plate amp, there is an “empty” space for IR. This looks to me as the place to solder somehow the option for the available IR extender for the remote to work?

When this is possible, i would like to know how and which parts i need next to a LED strip and ofcourse the amp + remote…:grin:

I hope somebody can help me out!

Kind regards🤟

Hi Nick,
Other users have used the GPIO for switching other amps etc., so I guess you could use that feature to switch your LEDs. One example is here:

Regarding moving the IR LED, some notes are here: Infrared Remote

Hi Steve,

Thank you for answering!:ok_hand:

The soldering is clear to me, this will be do-able…

Talking about the GPIO1…

Is this the option were you are ralking about? Or do you mean the 9 pin ph2.0 option higher up the board?

And when i use the GPIO1, i can also turn it on/off with the arylic remote led on/off option?

Hmmm, I thought you had 2.1 amp (not the plate amp) but the image does appear to say GPIO on your photo

No, i do have the 2.1 Plate amp.:grimacing:

So theoretically it should be possible to do it with these pins?
And the LED options on the PH2.0 9 pin connector, does this also give an option or are these just for adding different LED’s to show in which chanel the amplifier at that moment is operating?

Regarding the PH2.0 9 pin, yes correct this is to add remote input selection indicating LEDs

Thank you Steve!

As a power imput i’m using the Arylic 24v 4.16 amps power adapter to get the most out of the amplifier.

So if i’m correct with my thinking, i can get myself a 24v LED strip and connect the power lines to the “extra” power output? (Yellow circle) and some extra wires to the 9pin ph2.0 to use as “on/off switch” function?

I haven’t read and fully understood @John_Lauer post but after a quick read it appears that he used the GPIO pin and an Arduino board to control the switch.