Infrared Remote

I’m a total novice with regards to circuit boards. What is the likelihood that one can remove the sensor from the board of an A30+ and move it to another location? Can you just desolder it and connect it again via longer wires?

It depends on your level of experience with soldering / desoldering? Being three thru hole connections it would be relatively easy to desolder with some braid, even so, sometimes it takes a bit of wriggling to get the component free especially if the holes are thru plated.
Refitting would be a lot easier.

Sigh… the more thought I put into this the more the diy board makes sense for future upgrades.

Definitely more flexibility with the DIY boards especially if you want to play around and try to tweak them to your specific needs.
Re the soldering, if you have little experience, probably best left alone.

Desoldering could be dangerous unless you have a desoldering gun. I once tried to desolder the volume control of an Arylic board with an ordinary soldering iron and almost ruined the board. However, depending on the board used in the A30+ (is it the ‘Up2Stream Amp Stereo’ you can also buy separately?) there might be a PH2.0 pin socket on the board that allows to connect an IR sensor (beside several other functionalities). In this case, you would not need to desolder the existing IR sensor but just buy a new IR sensor and a PH2.0 connector. Shouldn’t cost more than a couple of bucks.

Yah, I saw your post on desoldering. That was brutal.

I’m leaning towards the diy board again. It has more options to upgrade down the road

I did it on an up2stream amp2.1, mini v3 and pro v4. Take Time, add tin… it’s possible.

I have found that if you wet the solder joins with a flux core solder that contains lead prior to removal with solder wick or a pump that it’s easier to remove.