Activate or Deactivate Services like Airplay

Hi together,
first… i bought some v4 and 2.1 amp boards and they are great! good products…
but i miss an amp with Airplay 2 features. :slight_smile:

i’m planning to build a multiroom solution for my house with 7 boards. to get Airplay 2 features i will add 7 Airport Express devices at line in of each board. :smiley: in this setup i’ll have 14 Airplay “Speakers” and that could be a bit confusing… Is it possible to implement a feature (i think via API is enough, because its a bit special) to deactivate the integrated Airplay Service in your products?

Or have I overlooked something and i can already deactivate it?

Thank you!

@Freithelm Fabian,

Welcome to the forum. There are plenty of friendly, knowledgeable and helpful people here.

Seems like a adventurous project you have to keep yourself busy :slight_smile:

I don’t think I have seen an API commands to disable Services. You can find information on HTTPAPI here Arylic Audio HTTP API

Personally I would use the “LAN/WLAN Router” to “block/firewall” the transmission of the services from appearing on the LAN/WLAN. For example (disclaimer here just an idea) you could block the Airplay Service Transmission (I imagine it would be something like RAOP) on the 7 IP addresses for the Arylic Products. I assume your 7 Airport Expresses will have another 7 IP Addresses.

P.S. I know nothing about Airplay 2.

Hope this helps, Kevin

Hi @NWT.Stuff Kevin!
That is a clever idea. :slight_smile:
i will check if i can use the firewall to block the service for my network (for the relevant 7 ip addresses).

According to the apple docs, these are the following ports i will try (maybe interesting for other users):
554 TCP/UDP - Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
3689 TCP - Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP)
5353 UDP - Multicast DNS (MDNS)

i will give you feedback asap.

Thanks and best regards!

Hey together!
It’s not that easy to implement this rules without a hardware firewall or managed switch in the local network. :smiley: I cannot configure this firewall rule(s) in my router. That feature doesn’t exist. :frowning: So I can’t test it. Sorry! :frowning:

Maybe an engineer can answer if there is another option to deactivate airplay in the arylic board?

Thanks a lot!

@Freithelm Fabian,

Post your router manufacturer and model number. I’ll have a look through the manual to see if there is a solution this way.

Also what device/s are you using as a Control Point eg. Iphone, Mac. Android phone etc.

Regards, Kevin

@NWT.Stuff Hi Kevin,
it’s a FRITZ!Box 7590.

Thank you!


Also what device/s are you using as a Control Point eg. Iphone, Mac. Android phone etc.


@NWT.Stuff Hi Kevin!
My family is using different versions of iPhones, one iPad and two MacBook Pro. Thanks in advance!

@Freithelm Fabian

Yes agree can see anything obvious in the Fritz Box that could help. If only the parental controls was extended to LAN ports :slight_smile:

I found this useful article:

However what I suggested was always going to a quick work around if your router had something that way. It is certainly not a generic solution.

The more I think about it the best way is as you suggest have the capability to disable the service. I used to use Volumio on RPI and in the web interface I could enable and disable DLNA/UPNP or Airplay.

@zpl1025 is it easy/possible to disable Airplay & DLNA Renderer Service on the A31 boards ?

The airplay service is activated by default, and user could deactivate it with UART command: MCU+AIR+OFF, and to turn it back on, send: MCU+AIR++ON.

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Great! I will try it out today evening. Thank you!

Or… use this new Arylic product that supports Airplay 2 and simplify your setup as you won’t need the airports at all!

Up2Stream HD DAC - High-Res Multiroom Wireless Aptx HD Audio Streaming – Arylic

Expensive I know but maybe not having to pay for the Airports will balance it out? Obviously no good if you’ve already bought everything.

I already took a look at the HD DAC board, but it’s not an amplifier. I would also need an amp board. An airports costs me about 35-40€. It’s not the best solution but currently the cheapest. :slight_smile:

If there will be an airplay 2 board with amp the next months I maybe will wait for it! @zpl1025 is it planned?

Whoop whoop! That worked! :slight_smile: Great… Thank you! :slight_smile:

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I want to know what answer did you get from @zpl1025 :slight_smile: is product comming soon?

For the new platform, as it’s support hi-res output, we’re still considering for the components to balance the performance and cost. Will build a new product but not so quick.