Access A50 network settings

My new ISP appears to have some settings set in the provider router that is preventing my A50 from accessing the internet. It does have access to the wifi network though.

On my Samsung TV, I had to set the DNS to and (Google DNS) to get internet access. So, I want to try to do the same for my A50.

How do we change the DNS settings of our A50?

@mzmn @zpl1025

Don’t think there is a way right now. The proposed web interface should fix this

Regards Kevin

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Thanks! Hope it comes out soon. Will test if a LAN cable can avoid any restrictions that may be active in WiFi network.

it currently does not support to change DNS in the web management page yet, I’ll check if can add a quick change before release.


@zpl1025 is it possible with httpapi Interface or ACP Workbench ?

no, the network related settings all inside the A31 module, the normal way is the httpapi, or the web page inside.

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Was able to get the ISP to change to settings from a private network (10.x.x.x) to an accessible 192.x.x.x address.

So now it works. :grin:

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