A possibly dumb question about multi-room sync

Let’s say I have four Up2Stream AMP V4’s. I plug a mini headphone jack into the line in port, and I plug the other end into an audio source.

Can I have all four Up2Stream AMPs play that source? I.e., does the analog signal get converted into digital and sent to the other three Up2Stream AMPS? I realize I could test this myself but I have other things I’m trying to set up first.

Thanks in advance


Yes, it will work. I did the same thing (but using an Up2Stream Pro V3) to connect a Yamaha digital piano. The audio from the piano was played on all other Amps (all Up2Stream Amp V4) but there was a significant delay. The ADC has to convert to digital, the pass the signal around the network, then the DAC needs to convert back to analogue for your speakers.

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I do something similar with the turntable too, using an S50 Pro+ and again, there is a delay, but it works perfectly well.