4STREAM problems A50

I have been using 4stream and the A50 with Amazon HD for three months now…everything working fine. About a week ago 4stream wouldn’t play any of Amazon music. If I highlight the first song in an album it just jumps from one song to the next without playing anything……all the way thru. Then says “no music selected”. I have reinstalled the app several times…but nothing changes. The Amazon app works fine with AirPlay.

Do I need a firmware update?

Any help appreciated…….thanks. Pete

@A50 Pete,

Latest firmware is this one

I have same problem with upnp kodi server,just jump the songs to the end of folder and nothing play,i suspect in some not supotred codec, maybe Amazon music change something that Arylic won’t play…

Any tech folks around that might have some help!!


please try play the music and see the problem, and then send a feedback via APP, so we can analyze the log for what’s going on. Btw, we’re on holiday from Oct.1 to Oct.7.

I’m also experiencing this problem with my new A50 Pro+ and the latest firmware - I have been told by Arylic a number of people have reported it and they are investigating…

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How does one update the firmware on the A50? Is it thru the 4stream app?


I tried the Playstream App as well and it behaves the same odd way