4stream app Deezer login

Hi! I use 4stream app as a companion to my Up2Stream Amp v4 and I am really happy about it. But I found an issue. When I try to connect my Deezer account, 4Stream respond “Login failed” - am I the only one with such problem?


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Guys, really, no one?

I’m not a Deezer user, but I would try reinstalling the app or maybe trying another Linkplay compatible app such as Merkury, AudioCast or iEast.

I have the same issue here. Everything worked fine until yesterday. Now, I can no longer login into Deezer via the 4stream App which is a serious problem for me. Have you resolved your issue? If yes, how?

Trying to login into Deezer account results in error message “Unknown installation”. I have no idea how to approach this

And I tried AudioCast and iEast app. Both of them are not showing option to use Deezer

Same here. Huge problem for me. I hope it is only temporarily.

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Same problem for me ,yesterday when try to login into Deezer account results in error message “Unknown installation”.I try to reinstal app and factory reset but there is no results?

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it’s an authority issue with deezer, we’re trying to contact and get a solution. Basically, no need firmware update.


I have the same . Unknown installation
Very annoying, since I bought the S10 for Deezer HIFI streamer

I’ve got the same problem with logging to Deezer. Has Arylic resolved this issue?

Same issue here, Deezer login error results in “unknown installation”

I found to same error, Deezer login error result in “unknown instalation”.

Same Problem since a few Days
" unknown …"
Hope it will be fixed soon !!!

Hi Ho,
since nearly 2 weeks nothing happens on this error!
I only got the Up2stream to stream deezer via wifi. If nothing changes because of the login problem, I can throw it into the bin. A pity!

Same for me. my 4 boards are out of usage. I was planning to add 2 more, I then cancelled the order for now. What is the situation? is that planned to come back to normal ? When ?

We’re still working on this issue and need some more time.
Sorry for the mess.

Same issue with Arylic S50+ and S10. Cannot login Deezer account “Unknown Installation”. Issue appeared in around mid april where deezer would work haphazardly, then stopped working. Have tried other apps from IEAST, Audiocast, WIIM to no avail. Interestingly my $25 Audiocast M5 works flawlessly with deezer.

“Unknown Installation” appears also on my up2stream pro. T have had a chat with the support and they have informed me the technical staff is working to fix. Three days now the situation is the same. Otherwise I receive regularly the advertisement spam.

I can’t login to my deeser account either. When will the bug be fixed?