2.1 plate amp

Pretty excited to see the 2.1 plate amp released. Been waiting for this for awhile. This will really speed up my builds not having to fabricate plates or cut holes for various connectors. Picked up a pair to build a left and a right 3-way side fills to match my 2.1 stereo center soundbar. Really like the layout the only thing I was bummed to see is no built in power supply. So close to perfect. Really dislike using external power supplies on my builds. Anyway great Job Arylic this is the product I’ve been wanting for awhile.

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Looks interesting (although a bit bulky and pricey). However, what I do not like (from what I see on the product page):

  • The amp has an “old” USB type-B connector. For a newly developed device, I would have expected a USB-C connector because it is the most future-proof with a wide variety of cables available to plug your tablet, smartphone, etc. into the amp.

  • The amp does not seem to have an IR sensor, at least I cannot see one on the pictures. This would mean that it could not be controlled via the IR remote control available for the original 2.1 amp. This would be a pity since the plate will typically be built into the back side of the speaker so that you cannot easily reach the mechanical knobs. I hate it if a device can only be controlled via smartphone.

Just my two cents.

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It’s pity with the type of usb connector, i would also prefer Usb 3, but frankly speaking you use it only few times for setting up the device.

For the IR, on the pcb is an PH2.0-9P connector which has IR pinout, or you can also use an button board which has also IR sensor.

Depends. You can use the amp as an USB sound card connected to your PC (possibly also smartphone) and stream music from there to your other Arylic devices. Granted, this might not be the most used scenario since there are other, more convenient “wireless” scenarios.

Regarding the IR sensor: Yes, you’re right and I already did this for my DIY boombox (see here). However, I assume most users of the amp plate might not be so much into electronics and are happy to get an “out-of-the-box” solution they can just fit into their speaker cabinets. The button board plus maybe the IR extension board will help but this solution is a bit chunky and pricey. I would have preferred an extra connector where the IR sensor would sit on the board (upper right corner) and an LED-shaped IR sensor with maybe 30cm cable. This way you could place it whereever you want in the cabinet (like using a small drill hole in the front). Shouln’t have costed more that 1-2$ in production. Even a small hole in the plate with a fixed IR sensor would probably work for most people (unless the speaker is very near to a wall).

However, this is complaining about first-world problems.

I just receive my 2.1 plate amp today! I’m so excited!
I agree about the external power. It’s include on the Up2stream plate amp so maybe we can hope it for a v2?
About the IR sensor, you can buy the electronic module and plug it in at the back of the plate. It’s only three wires to connect. That’s what i’ll do. I found ten modules for less than 4 dollars.

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