IR Extension Board with Up2stream AMP

I want to connect the IR Extension Board to the Up2stream AMP. Is this the correct way to wire it ?

Is VCC for the Extension Board +5VDC shown in bubble 21 ?

You need to connect the IR pint of AMP board to the extension board, and VCC better use 3.3V of port 18.

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Just in case someone is interested in a DIY IR extension: Just buy a standard 940nm 38kHz IR receiver module. They have three pins, come in different form factors (for example, looking like a 5mm LED), and are quite cheap (~1€/$). I used this one for my boombox. You just need to connect its pins directly to the GND, D3.3V, and IR pins, respectively, of the 9pin connector of the Arylic board. Voltage is not very critical, it can take everything from 2.7 to 5.5V (of course, it makes sense to use the 3.3V provided by the board). Put it into a standard 5mm LED mount in the control panel of the boombox. Works perfectly.


Thanks for the info and suggestion @EthanEsrah. I think for my project it will be much better to to have a choice of form factor as I want it to be waterproof :slight_smile: Thanks Again Kevin

THIS is a suggestion I was waiting for! Thanks Ethan for sharing. However, it would be great if this receiver would be available in a 3mm form factor. Will do some research. :+1:

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I did it the same way in my project :slight_smile: very cheap solution!

Any way to remove beeping sound when you use remote and potentiometer for vol up and vol down? It’s stupid for beeping all the time :frowning:

Hi Viktor1212,

You will not find a possibility because the firmware would have to be modified and it is not open source. Volume adjustments accompanied by beeps is in my opinion annoying because the feedback already comes from the sound level itself i.e. overzealous programming.

It is recommended that the settings offer the choice to disable this beep. This is user friendly and would be a plus with a firmware update.


Thank you for answer Temrotec,i think this is software related because the sound come from loudspeakers and not from pcb hardware,i hope with another firmware it will be option for turn off because late at night beeping is louder than my misic, i think no need of beeping,no other amplifier at my home have beep future.Thanks!


Hi Victor1212
You’re right, I only have plate amplifiers built into my speakers and the beep is indeed coming through the speakers via the amp and not from the PCB. I judged too quickly and from too far away. Still, a firmware adjustment is desirable because those beeps are not everyone’s taste.


Final Solution:

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Am I seeing it right, that you are shortening on your 9pin connector 1/2 to VCC and 3/4 to GND? I’m a bit confused of the different colors used on the connector drawing and right hand side on it. :smiley:

However, thanks for sharing!

@phranck yes I forgot to attach photos too :frowning:

They are actually clip on terminals. Yes there is a link between 1&2, 3&4. Always handy to have spare VCC & GND for any future additions.

Regards, Kevin

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And now the missing photos :slight_smile: