Wiring diagram for mode switch?

TLDR Upfront, how would I wire a stand alone mode switch?

So I picked up an Upstream2 pro v3 board to integrate into a vintage receiver. My hope is to integrate it within the receiver and have antenna, and Lan/usb/aux and SPDIF interfaces with the OEM in the rear. Leds will be located in some open real estate on the face plate and I have two obsolete features that I’m eliminating, which I think would be an ideal location for an external buttons for Reset and mode. I found in another thread about wiring an external reset switch needing to go to ground so that should be easy enough.
I haven’t found anything yet( I’ve done a quick look and will dive in more after work) about wiring up a mode switch. I don’t really need all the functions of the button board nor do I have the space all the buttons.
I’m going to be doing my due diligence this week but if anyone has a lead to a thread or the answer I would rather spend my time soldering a solution vs searching for an schematic.
Thank you for you time to read my thread.

Hi CZ,
The wiring for the mode switch is shown in the user manual, it consists of a couple of resistors (R47 and R64) a capacitor (C27) and a push button switch.

Well, crud. I missed that in all my excitement.
Sorry and thanks…