wireless speaker 2 way with up2stream Pro v3

I created this 2 ways wireless speaker slotted port as a DIY high res audio system
Thanks to
Troels Gravesen troels.gravesen@hotmail.com
I will post soonest a picture of the project

The Arylic product is the best one even better than you can find on professional systems except the DSP that permit only to drive 2 ways and not a 3 ways system

Also the powersupply of the module should be different from the amplifier one as it push a continu signal in the drivers when you switch on the system

an lcd display could be also a good point to have to select the sources

on the way a proof of concept to be a serious concurrent to Devialet phantom
planned to use purifi 8’ in a ripole and spike speak tweeter for the amplifier this time a module from my design an hybride class A and D
Of course i will try the new arylic 24 bit module