Wireless Plate Amp Up2stream

Hello All.

Sorry if I am dense here, but I can not figure out what comes with the " Wireless Plate Amp Up2stream Plate Amp" [U2S-PAMP] is the main item for sale, but there are “add ons” for additional cost. I want to know if I need any of these. The plate amp:

In particular, what is the [BUTTON BOARD] for? I am making a guess that it allows the plate amp system to integrate with Acrylic’s wifi app / network with other devices on the network.

Is this right? Anyone have experience with this plate amp / board? How is it? Worth doing?

I know what the SPDIF In and Out Boards do. No interest in those. Or the IR extension. The button board is what I’df like to know about.

AND - anything anyone has to say about this plate amp system would be welcomed as well.


Pete in NY

It’s just been released lol. If it works like the other products then depending on application, it should be fine. The button board allows for external controls like source selection if you don’t have a remote, or don’t want to use the app.

Hi Pete,

Thanks for interested in the new products. It’s designed for making a pair of shelf speakers. Normally, you can use the board only withouth any extension, and just make a cabinet to hold the speakers and the plate board. As mentioned in the manual, it used a full digital amplifier chipset to avoid audio signal transforming in system. And the amp chip has nice audio performance, not very beautiful SNR/THD, but the hearing experience is good.

For the extension boards, it depends on what you design your speakers. The Plate AMP itself has interface for ADCKEY, IR, SPDIF, user can extend with the keyboard, IR receiver, and optical in. And sure you can also choose not to extend. The plate amp itself is just enough.

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