Wired & Wireless Mixed?

Can you run multiple products on a mix of wired and wireless connections? This is how my current Sonos system is running.

For example: A50 in the living room - wired internet
S50 in the den - wireless internet
A30 for front porch speakers - wired internet
A30 in the office - wireless internet
etc. etc. etc.

Yes, it’s a same network.


Yes Totally agree with @Viktor1212. Each Device will have an IP Address on the Network and is accessible. Your router doesn’t care if you are a mobile (wi-fi) or Static (hard wired device). With the Arylic App it is the same. It will just pick up ALL Arylic devices on the LAN/WLAN and it doesn’t care either if you are wired or wireless . So Happy Days :slight_smile:

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