Wired vs Wireless Network


I am studying a project to connect 4 Up2Stream Amp V4 Stereo (4 zones) in my apartment.
I can bundle them together and bring the speaker wires to a central place, I can put them in the ceiling closer to the speakers and PoE energy up to close to the board, splitting into ethernet + energy, and I can just energize the boards and use Wireless.
Considering the wireless coverage is good, how much would I benefit from a wired internet connection then?
I have read about people needing to turn off and on the board from time to time to being able to restablish connection and placing them in the ceiling will make my life hard to do the Off/On procedure at all.

Any thoughts?

Hi Gabriel,

My approach is that if you have a fixed position ethernet tcp/ip device in the home and there is an option for hard wiring then i prefer to install a cable.

There are clear advantages like keeping the wireless bandwidth for your mobile devices, speed of comms and also no need to worry about firewall configuration e.g. ports for certain functions.

If I was to implement 4 systems in ceilings I would not compromise and hard wire the devices. It’s difficult to quantify cost effort benefits but from experience the time you spend with hard wiring the devices will be saved on problems in the future.

For example some wireless webcams now have function to reboot every x hours to avoid losing footage through wireless disconnection. Doesn’t make sense to me. There is no technical reason why a tcp/ip connection cannot be maintained for a very long period. Hard wiring also helps improve this. Can’t beat a physical cable IMHO (where possible)

Hope this helps, Kevin

I agree, wired is best if possible.
However I have 4 DIY v4 boards. On my router it shows 3 connecting via wifi and 1 via LAN. They are all wired the same way. Power and ethernet from centralised cupboard to where wall mounted keypads were.

How to force the boards to use LAN when it is connected?

Replaced old system

With this

This is exactly what I wanted to do but my keypards were 4x2 so the board doesn´t fit there. In the end I will make the speaker cables longer so that the boards are set in a place I can have physical access to them.
Buying today a case and a power source.

Any tips on how to make the in ceilling speakers sound better? I am missing so much bass, I don´t know if this is the speakers or the amp…

@Jason_McLeod. I think Arylic have suggested they will may some function changes here:

I imagined there would be:-

  • wlan or lan
    -static or auto ip address

However from memory I thought if LAN cable connected on power up (not set up) then it used the LAN. However we need the functionality to select (and I would also like to disable the wireless card).

Regards, Kevin

@Gabriel_Simoes This is a limitation of ceiling speaker design. Can you post a make and model number ?

Is a Subwoofer an option ?

FYI The Bass was very solid in this arrangement.

In my case the holes were for a two gang mount. I had the luxury and luck of applying them at construction time . Product - PDL800FB2V

Then went and had some acrylic cut and shaped. You could make the templates from wood i.e. hardboard. I was lucky in that I used the surround cover of the old wall keypads.

Then mounted in two parts.

  1. the ring to the wall - made this out of opaque acrylic for the led light to shine out of
  2. the top cover - made this out of plain white acrylic, and attached via velcro

I also did a similar thing with an Android tablet in the kitchen/main living area for control

From Aliexpress:
Used a DC-DC buck convertor or step-down power module to get 24V down to 5V for the tablet and a 24V 400W step-down transformer to power all the old keypad locations.

The specs say max 24V to get the most wattage so thats what I did.

The speakers I had in place were Yamaha NS-IC600 and they sounded much better with the Arylic boards than will the old wallpads.

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Thanks for your reply!
I am using some sets of old Brazilian in ceiling 5’’ + tweeter Projekt Audio (not good, i know).
Lots of low mids, but no low.
I am afraid that even switching to much better audio speakers as polk audios with 5’’ I will never get the minimum low for a balanced music scenario. Another problem to solve…

Regarding the setup you posted, amazing! Do the R41ms gold up well for a stereo music system in terms of low?
I´ve read people complaining about those klipsch for music, specially when close to the speakers (even some headaches reported because of the tweeter’s energy…)



Unfortunately I don’t own the Klipsch speakers shown in my post. I had a demo unit from some guys I work with round here. They were chosen because they have a pretty unique design and are very sensitive (and they also look good :).

I was very happy with the full range of the speakers and was a nice balanced sound with plenty of punch and bass. Difficult for me to comment on the complaints, headaches etc. as these are only things that will be noticed after listening to them day after day.

Regarding the ceiling speakers it’s kind of a limitation of being in the ceiling !! For the low something approaching the floor would be better. If you haven’t bought the boards yet have a look at the 2.1 Amplifier for DIY Speaker Up2stream Amp 2.1 which has a subwoofer out (I have no experience with this unit !!). Also customer service is good they might exchange the products if you have bought the hardware. Depending how you rooms are arranged you might not need a bass unit for each amplifier. Just food for thought :slight_smile:


Hi Jason
I have just took away the WiFi antenna to make sure the device uses LAN :wink:

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