Will the S10 do what I’m trying to use it to do?

I’m trying to use an S10 to stream audio from my home audio receiver to a set of active wi-fi (not Bluetooth, wi-fi) speakers (a Swan HiVi MK200MKII-WiFi pair). I have an Onkyo TX-8160 network receiver with the capacity to receive Bluetooth, Airplay, DNLA and various other (Pandora, Spotify, etc.) streams. What I’m looking to do is stream audio from other sources handled by the receiver—specifically, turntable and CD player—to the active speakers. Essentially, I want to be able to listen to my vinyl anywhere I decide to put the active speakers. The network receiver has the capacity to send audio to a second zone: I’ve connected the S10 line-in terminal to the zone 2 pre-out terminals but have been unable to get it to connect to the speakers via wi-fi. I’ve tried connecting the S10 line-in to the receiver’s line-out terminals, with the same lack of result. Am I trying to do something that the S10 is not capable of doing, or what am I missing here?

airplay , bluetooth, wifi, are all ways of getting music into the S10, you then take the analog output and feed that into the device you want to ‘Hear’ with.

You can do what you intend with the Arylic S10 but you will need another Arylic (Up2Stream) device attached to your active speakers.

I’m currently listening to my vinyl connected to an Up2Stream Pro V3 , it then transmits the audio by digitising into a 16/44.1 stream which another Up2stream device decodes to analog ( or in my case feeds the digital by coax into my dac) and feeds to my amp/speaker setup.
The S10 doesn’t give access to Coax/Optical output only Analog. There are other Up2stream boards that give those outputs.

i have also found that if you have a squeezebox based system you can use an airbridge to allow your squeezebox players receive the Up2Stream music.